Weekly Business Quiz # 618


Q1. Which builders’ twin towers of 32 stories in NOIDA will be demolished soon on court orders ?

Ans. Super Tech

Q2. Which consumer products company has launched plant based meat products under the brand name ‘Simply Better’ ?

Ans. Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Q3. Rashtriya ______ Mission aims at upliftment of dairy farmers making dairying more remunerative. Fill in the blank

Ans. Gokul

Q4. In the just announced 5G auctions by the govt , how did the analysts conclude that Adani Group was bidding for spectrum only for their own internal group use ?

Ans. The amount submitted by Adani Group as Earnest Money Deposit was much lesser compared to the Telecom majors Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea.

Q5. Who is the newly appointed MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange (NSE) ?

Ans. Ashish Kumar Chauhan , currently President of Bombay Stock Exchange

Q6. The Banaskantha dairy has started exporting frozen French fries from potato grown in the district. To which country has the first consignment been shipped ?

Ans. Philippines


Q7. This coastal state in US is known for its sea food. It has more number of firms registered than its population . 1.6 Million companies as against only a population of 1 million. This state is considered the capital of Corporate Law in US. Name the state.

Ans. Delaware

Q8. With which gaming company would you associate the popular drawing tool Mario Draw , Super Mario Draw that helps drawing animation drawings ?

Ans. Nintendo

Compiled by

G.Mohan Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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