Weekly Business Quiz # 615


Q1.Which company has launched Love Depot, the country’s first sexual pleasure e-superstore ?

Ans. TTK Healthcare

Q2. Name this mass market brand of whisky which was a matter of dispute between Manu Chhabria and his brother Kishore Chhabria and later betwee Kishore and Vijay Mallya. The company behind this brand Allied Blenders and Distillers is coming out with an IPO.

Ans. Officer’s Choice

Q3. Chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji group Pallonji Mistry RIP. Why was he called the ” Phantom of Bombay House” ?

Ans. Shapoorji Mistry owned 18% in Tata Sons and was the biggest individual shareholder and on the board of directors. It was not known what influence he had in the affairs of Tata group.

Q4. Name this brand of craft gin from Nao Spirits founded by Anand Virmani that has gone on to become the largest selling gin brand in India.

Ans. Greater Than

Q5. Who has taken over as the new CEO of Niti Aayog on retirement of Amitabh Kant ?

Ans. Parameswaran Iyer

Q6. Which retail chain had acquired the Unlimited chain of apparel retail from Arvind Fashions ?

Ans. V-Mart


Q7. This is Leonardo Del Vecchio..He passed away recently at the age of 87..Which major business did this Italian billionaire found ?

Ans. Luxottica ,one of the global leaders in the eyewear business

Q8. What measure announced by Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif led to a sharp fall in the Karachi Stock Exchange ?

Ans. Super tax on large scale industries and Poverty Alleviation tax on HNIs

Compiled by

G.Mohan Twitter Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan


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