Weekly Business Quiz # 616


Q1. Which crypto trading platform co founded by Darshan Bathija has suspended withdrawals, deposits and trading in crptocurrencies recently ?

Ans. Vauld

Q2. Name this tech co promoted by Suresh Reddy and Vijay Kancharla with HQ in Hyderabad that started with egreetings, moved to Internet advertising , later making wearables and IoT based devices. The company’s stock has been in the news for the last 2 years.

Ans. Brightcom Group

Q3. Many IndiGo flights suffered delays as many cabin crews reported sick suddenly. What event is being speculated to have triggered this mass casual leave ?

Ans. Air India recruitment drive

Q4. What was the first eSports event in India telecasted live by Star Sports on June 24 ?

Ans. Battleground Mobile India ( BGMI)

Q5. Which Indian company is one of the largest franchisees of PepsiCo outside of the US ?

Ans. Varun Beverages

Q6. The govt has recast the Bank Boards Bureau , the headhunter for Bank board level positions. What is its new name ?

Ans. Financial Services Institutions Bureau ( FSIB)

Q7. Indian govt will soon implement Bharat NCAP a variation on the UK’s NCAP test that the car manufacturers have to adhere to. What is the full form of NCAP ?

Ans. New Cars Assessment Programme (NCAP)


Q8. Which global Pharma major has decided to put 30 of its treatments incl insulin sold in 40 low income countries in a new division that will operate on a Not-for-profit basis ?

Ans. Sanofi

Q9. Meta has announced that they are closing down their digital currency wallet pilot by September 1 ..What was it called ?

Ans. Novi

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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