Weekly Business Quiz # 614


Q1. What technological measure is the Indian govt taking to reduce the counterfeit drugs menace in India ?

Ans. QR Code

Q2. How much has the Adani family committed to charity on the occasion of Gautam Adani’s 60th birthday?

Ans. Rs 60,000 crore

Q3. Which is the first bank to offer a Floating rate Fixed Deposit that is linked to the Repo Rate ?

Ans. Yes Bank

Q4. RBI recently issued a circular that companies that issue PPI cannot run BNPL schemes . This is expected to hurt the Fintech industry. Expand PPI and BNPL.

Ans. PPI – Prepaid payment instrument , BNPL – Buy Now Pay Later

Q5. In which route was the first private train Bharat Gaurav express had its first journey recently ?

Ans. Coimbatore to Shirdi

Q6. Which media companies have got the 5 year broadcast rights for TV and digital media for IPL and at what value ?

Ans. TV- Disney Star Rs 23,575 crore and Digital rights – Viacom 19 for Rs 20,575 crore

Q7. Which company has been targetted by protesters because of the mistaken identity of its Chairman being expelled by a political party ?

Ans. Jindal Steel and Power Ltd ( JSPL) whose Chairman is Naveen Jindal.. He shares the name with a BJP member who was expelled recently from the party


Q8. The US Fed has decided to reduce its balance sheet by going for Quantitative tightening. Other central banks are also tightening in their own ways. What is the difference between Passive tightening and Organic tightening ?

Ans. Passive – QE assets purchased by central bank and held till maturity without replacement, reducing size of balance sheet .

Organic- stop purchases of QE assets, maintain balance sheet size which will shrink over time relative to GDP.

Q9. The US food giant Kellogg’s will split into 3 separate companies . Which businesses will these three companies focus in ?

Ans. Cereals, Snacks and Plant based food.

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter handle Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan


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