Weekly Business Quiz # 613


Q1. Identify this former top bureaucrat turned entrepreneur who has launched his own brand of pickles named Pickley- Taste of Dada.

Ans. Rajiv Mehrishi, former CAG and Finance Secretary

Q2. I&B ministry asked Twitter, YouTube to remove from their social media platforms the videos of ads of body spray _______ ____, as it triggered outrage for “promoting sexual violence agaist women”Fill in the blanks

Ans. Layerr Shot

Q3. Name the former MD of State Bank of India who has taken charge as a Whole Time Member at SEBI recently.

Ans. Ashwani Bhatia

Q4. Krishnakumar Kunnath ( Popularly known as KK) passed away recently . RIP . He started his singing career by singing ad jingles . Which brand was his first one ?

Ans. Santogen Suiting


Q5. The German beer makers are facing a big problem currently. What is their biggest problem currently ?

Ans. Empty bottles

Q6. Which is the only country where the regulators have approved commercial sale of cultured meat ?

Ans. Singapore

Q7. Which company has built a Metaverse called The Nth Floor?

Ans. Accenture

Q8. What is unique about the beer named Newbrew in Singapore that is being produced as a collaborative project between National water agency and a brewery company Brewerkz ?

Ans. Made with water recycled from sewage

Compiled by G.Mohan

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