Weekly Business Quiz # 611


Q1. Govt has put on hold the sale of Pawan Hans to Almas Global which had the highest bid as per NCLT. Which earlier deal of Almas has made the govt to rethink ?

Ans. Almas Global had taken over EMC Ltd a sick company through NCLT for which it is yet to pay up.

Q2. Ethos India is in the market with an IPO. What business are they in ?

Ans. Luxury watches retail

Q3. Who is the new Chairman of NASSCOM ?

Ans. Krishnan Ramanujam of NASSCOM

Q4. Who is the advertiser ?

Ans. Dunzo Daily

Q5. Which restaurant booking service has Swiggy’s acquired recently from Times Internet ?

Ans. Dineout

Q6. As inflation hits the cost of FMCG and food products, many marketers are resorting to “grammage”. What is “grammage” ?

Ans. Keeping the price same and reducing the weight to manage costs

Q7. Campbell Wilson has been appointed as the CEO of Air India. Which airline did he head before ?

Ans. Fly Scoot from Singapore

Q8. LIC IPO closed recently. How many times did it get oversubscribed overall ?

Ans. 2.95 times


Q9. Which international auto major has sold its 68 % stake in AvtoVAZ, the largest carmaker in Russia to the Russian govt for a token price keeping an option to return after 6 years ?

Ans. Renault

Q10. In acquisition lingo what is a conditional offer to buy a large number of shares at a price that is typically higher than the current price of the stock called ?

Ans. Tender offer

Q 11. Who tweeted this on 16th May about which company ?
“25 years ago yesterday, _____went public. As the Grateful Dead would say, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” It’s been far from smooth. Lots of risk-taking, lots of invention, lots of mistakes, so much we still have to do better. I wouldn’t trade the ride for anything.

Ans. Jeff Bezon on Amazon

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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