Weekly Business Quiz # 610


Q1. IMD has been predicting Heat Waves in different parts of India this year. Which city made India’s first Heat Action Plan through which it is communicating and building awareness about the risks of heat and thereby saving lives ?

Ans. Ahmedabad

Q2. There has been a change of guard at TVS Motor Co. Venu Srinivasan has become Chairman Emeritus. Who are the new Chairman and Managing Director ?

Ans. Ralf Speth is the new Chairman and Sudarshan Venu, the new MD.

Q3. Which group owns the Elaichi/ gutkha brand ‘Vimal’ that is in the eye of the controversy over Akshay Kumar’s endorsement of it ?

Ans. Manikchand Group

Q4. Which major cement companies in India are up for grabs for which many big investors like Adani, JSW, Damani etc are tying up finances to bid for it ?

Ans. Ambuja Cement and ACC , because Holcim is planning to divest from India


Q5. Which highly regarded management publication is having its 100th anniversary in 2022 ?. It is calling it ‘Celebrating a Century of Change’

Ans. Harvard Business Review

Q6. Elon Musk , the maverick businessman has his quirks about his offer prices. What was common to his offer price for taking Tesla private earlier and his current share price to acquire Twitter ?

Ans. His fixation with 420…He had given the offer price of 420 $ for taking Tesla private.. He offered 54.20 $ for Twitter that too on the date 04/20.

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