Weekly Business Quiz # 609


Q1. MRF had launched a sub-brand called Tiretok in 2016 long before TikTok became famous. What is Tiretok for ?

Ans. Wheel alignment and balancing

Q2. EPIC Foundation, a non-profit promoted by former HCL founders like Ajai Choudhary and Arjun Malhotra is putting together a plan for India’s indigenisation of some semi-conductors. What is the first product they have identified for which design, development and mfr are being tied?

Ans. Semiconductors for LED lamps

Q3. A sports and athleisure brand whose logo is not very unlike another global brand’s logo is in the market with an IPO. Name it

Ans. Campus Activewear

Q4. Who has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog after the current one Rajiv Kumar has resigned ?

Ans. Dr Suman K Bery

Q5. The startups BharatPe , Trell, Zillingo and Zetwerk besides being under the scanner for governance issues have one more thing in common..One big VC firm has funded all of them , who seems to be trying to wash its hands from these mess. Name it.

Ans. Sequoia Capital

Q6. India Cements has launched 2 brands of cement during this IPL season. One is called ConKrete Super King , CSK in short. Who is the celebrity endorsing these new brands ?

Ans. M S Dhoni


Q7. Name this construction equipment company brand whose backhoe loaders have become to bulldozers what Xerox has become to photocopiers

Ans. JCB

Q8. What classic defence strategy is being planned by the Twitter management to ward off the hostile takeover bid by Elon Musk ?

Ans. Poison pill

Q9. John McCain after a visit to Russia in 2015 wanted to impose US to impose sanctions on Russia because it was in his words ” a ____ ____ masquerading as a country ” . Fill in the blanks.

Ans. Gas station

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