Weekly Business Quiz # 607


Q1. Blade India, a JV with Blade USA offers helicopter services. Besides the usual charters, they are also offering commercial helicopter rides by-the-seat in some sectors. In which state do they offer this service ?

Ans. Maharashtra

Q2. In March 2022, IndianOil bought Russian urals crude at a discount to the prevailing market rate. Approx what % discount did India get ?

Ans. 20-25%

Q3. Puneet Renjen was awarded the Economic Times Global Indian of the year 2021 recently. With which company would you associate him ?

Ans. Deloitte

Q4. Axis Bank will be acquiring the retail banking business of Citibank in India for approx US 2 Bn $…How many branches does Citibank have in India ?

Ans. 35 branches

Q5. In which University would an Advanced Research Centre funded by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon and her husband John Shaw that is named after them become operational in June 22 ?

Ans. University of Glasgow

Q6. TMT bars are among the most promoted category of steel products on TV and hoardings , often using celebrities..Expand TMT.

Ans. Thermo Mechanical Treatment

Q7. Connect the IPL franchisee RCB to the recent controversial sacking of 800 British workers by P & O Ferries

Ans. P & O Ferries is owned by DP World.. DP World is a sponsor of the IPL team RCB

Q8. Ola is acquiring Avail Finance to enter the financial services business. Who is the founder of Avail Finance and how is he related to Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal ?

Ans. Ankush Aggarwal is the brother of Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal

Q9. Emami has acquired the prickly heat powder brand Dermicool from Reckitt. This brand was acquired by Reckitt as a part of a larger deal. Name that company.

Ans. Paras Pharmaceuticals

Q10. As the IPL season has started, promotions of online sports games are seen more on TV. Match the game to the player who endorses it now


1. KLRahul 2. Rohit Sharma 3. Sourav Ganguly 4. Dhoni


A. Dream11 B. My11Circle C. WINZO D. Gamezy

Ans. 1-D, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C


Q11. In Bolivia, chutos are very popular…Those who trade in chutos are called chuteros..A song about chutero has become a viral hit. What is a chuto in Bolivia?

Ans. Contraband used cars, usually of Japanese make

Q12. Vingroup is the top conglomerate in which country ?

Ans. Vietnam

Q13. Raj Subramaniam is the latest Indian American to become a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. He got the job in this company even when he was in India for his wedding when that company visited their campus, as the one who was offered backed out. Name the company.

Ans. Federal Express

Q14. Coda has won the Oscar for the best picture in this year’s Academy awards. Through this movie, which OTT service became the first OTT to win an Oscar ?

Ans. Apple TV +

Q15. He spins tunes as a hobby. He has even released a single. He plays DJ in clubs. He will be seen in the The Lollapalooza music festival. Earlier as DJ he used to call himself D-Sol. Now he appears in his real name David Solomon. His day job is that of a CEO . Name the bank.

Ans. Goldman Sachs

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