Weekly Business Quiz # 606

At the outset let me apologize for missing last week’s issue. This week’s quiz covers last week’s news also.


Q1. India franchise rights of which chain of retail outlets that market premium eyewear brands like Ray Ban, Oakley etc have changed hands from DLF to Reliance Brands ?

Ans. Sunglass Hut

Q2. Ramesh Chauhan, Bisleri International’s Chairman has talked about the early days of his cola brand Thums Up,that was later sold to Coca Cola. Which adman came up with the name Thums Up and later another ad man gave the tag line ‘Taste the thunder’. Name both of them

Ans. Thums Up account was handled by Trikaya Grey. Ravi gupta gave the name Thumbs Up initially that was not registered as there was some trade mark issues, later Thums Up was registered. Ashok Kurien also of Trikaya , gave the tagline ” Taste the Thunder”

Q3. Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal says ‘ONDC to bring small retailers on par with big firms ‘. Expand ONDC.

ans. Open Network for Digital Commerce

Q4. On which shipyard has Dredging. Corporation of India placed an order to build India’s first indigenous dredger that will help improve inland waterways transport in India ?

Ans. Cochin Shipyard Limited

Q5. Which unicorn startup that deals in construction material has been raided by the IT department over suspected non disclosure of income ?

Ans. Infra. Market

Q6. Why has there been a sudden spurt in petrol pump sales by over 20 % in the last one month ?

Ans. Diesel sold to bulk consumers like fleet operators have been increased by Rs 25per liter. Petrol pump prices are much lower. Many fleet operators are buying diesel from pumps.

Q7. Wife of which Indian business leader has charged the leader of diverting funds from the groups’ holding company and approached the NCLT for an independent audit ?

Ans. Neelu Singh wife of Analjit Singh, chairman of Max Ventures

Q8. Amagi is the latest Indian unicorn. In what business are they in ?

Ans. They are in developing software for the OTT networks

Q9. As per a recent ruling , Pizza topping will attract a different GST rate than the Pizza base. What rate will the topping attract and why ?

Ans. 18% for pizza toppings , against 5% for the Pizza bread. The different method of preparation is the reason

Q10. Which entertainment company is behind the production and distribution of the film The Kashmir Files ?

Ans. Zee studios

Q11. With which auto startup would you associate the husband and wife team of Jeetender and Rupali Sharma ?

Ans. Okinawa Autotech

Q 12. A new book has come out “Open House with ____ _____.” . Fill in the blanks

Ans. Piyush Pandey

Q13. The Employees Provident Fund Org ( EPFO) has revised the rates on PF downwards for 2021-22. What is the new rate ?

Ans. 8.1 %


Q14. Microsoft is collaborating with Fortum of Finland to offer ‘ world’s largest waste-heat recycling concept’. What is the idea ?

ans. Microsoft is building a data center, whose heat will be taken by Fortum to provide heating to homes and offices

Q 15. As per a recent report from International Labour Organisation which country has the highest share of managers who are female ( 70.1%) ?

Ans. Togo

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