Weekly Business Quiz # 605


Q1. In USSR days, Raj Kapoor’s films and Indian tea were India’s biggest exports to that country. Tea exports have come down considerably to Russia. Even then they are substantial. What % of Indian tea exports are to Russia approx ?

Ans. Approx 18%

Q2. Where is Microsoft setting up its largest data centre in India with an investment of over Rs 15000 crore ?

Ans. Hyderabad

Q3.Name this You Tube channel created by Alak Pandey that may become India’s first You Tube startup with a Billion $ valuation

Ans. Physicswala

Q4. This HUL Executive has now been selected by Colgate Palmolive India as their MD and CEO. Name her.

Ans. Prabha Narasimhan


Q5. The invasion in Ukraine has not only led to steep increase in crude oil prices, it has led to steep rise in edible oil prices too. For which edible oil is Ukraine world’s largest exporter ?

Ans. Sunflower Oil

Q6. Two Japanese MNCs are coming together to develop electric vehicles. X will be responsible for manufacturing the first model, while Y will develop the mobility service platform Name X and Y.

Ans. X- Honda Y- Sony

Compiled by

G.Mohan Twitter handle IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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