Weekly Business Quiz # 599


Q1. This Amul topical ad features SRK and Prof Ashwini Deshpande. How did SRK’s fame help her solve a problem ?

Ans. Ashwini Deshpande had to make bookings for her travel in Egypt .. She had difficulties in money transfer.. The travel agent made her bookings trusting her because she was from the land of Shah Rukh Khan.

Q2. Which MNC has launched the breakfast cereal Gold Crunchy Corn and Oat Flakes in India?

Ans. Nestle

Q3. Which brand has released a fun ad featuring a young Punjabi kid pestering his parents in a constantly with the phrase ” Assi Reach Gaye ” ?

Ans. Oyo

Q4. Maggi has released a TVC with Sanya Malhotra as a reporter going around asking people a question. This ad seems almost like a spoof of an earlier TVC of another brand. Which brand are we talking about ?

Ans. Colgate Salt


Q5. Which luxury sports car has announced that 2022 will be the last year it will be offering pure combustion engines in its cars, after which it will sell plug-in hybrids only and later pure electric cars during the second half of the decade ?

Ans. Lamborghini

Compiled by

G.Mohan Twitter handle IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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