Weekly Business Quiz # 598


Q1. Who is the new Chairman of ISRO ?

Ans. S . Somanath

Q2. Faced with the high attrition in the IT services industry, which IT major has launched a ‘Hire to retire’ program ?

Ans. HCL Technologies


Q3. Why has the Chairman of Credit Suisse Antonio Horta-Osorio resigned ?

Ans. Violating COVID Guidelines

Q4. Bombas socks was founded in 2014 with funding through Shark Tank..They started their business when they learnt that the homeless people asked for socks the most. How are they meeting this need while they sell premium socks at over 6 $ per pair of socks ?

Ans. Buy One Give One free… For every pair sold, they give away one pair of socks to the homeless

Q5. Which gaming co has acquired the Farmville developer Zynga for over 12 Bn $ ?

Ans. Take- Two Interactive

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan


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