Weekly Business Quiz # 595


Q1. Which global electronics manufacturer is doing an IPO of its Indian subsidiary Bharat FIH ?

Ans, Foxconn

Q2. Which AMC has acquired the AMC business of L&T Mutual Fund ?

Ans. HSBC Mutual Fund

Q3. The appointment of an Addl Director by RBI has triggered the CEO of a private bank going on leave..Name the bank

Ans. RBL Bank


Q4.What were the first words recorded by Thomas Alva Edison when he invented the phonograph in 1877 ?

Ans. Mary had a Little Lamb

Q5. What goods or commodities are traded in the exchanges Liv-Ex and Live Trade headquartered in London ?

Ans. Wine

Q6. Which UK retail chain changed ownership with the Weston family selling their stake to a 50:50 partnership between Central Group of Thailand and Signa holding of Austria ?

Ans. Selfridges

Q7. WHO recently said ” X disorder is defined in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a pattern of X behavior (“digital-X” or “video-X”) characterized by impaired control over X, increasing priority given to X over other activities. What is X ?

Ans, Gaming

Q8. Which Hollywood film became the first Pandemic era film to surpass 1 Billion $ in Box office collections globally ?

Ans. Spider-man – No Way Home

  • Compiled by G,Mohan
  • Twitter handle Indiabusinessquiz @go_mohan

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