Happy New Year

Dear readers,

Wishing you and and your family a Happy New Year.

For IBQ , the year 2021 turned out to be just another year. The Weekly Buiness Quizzes were posted every week save one. We discontinued the US Monthly Quiz set and the Monthly Interactive when we saw they were not generating much interest. We had 2 Guest Quiz Masters, posting one set each. We thank them.

The readership and number of visitors to the site have fallen from Pre-COVID levels. In the year 2019, we were having 1000 hits per day on an average. After the pandemic struck in March 2020, the traffic came down sharply. In 2021 we had an average of 500 hits per day. The good news is that this number is steady and not declining any further.

The channels of distributing content remain the same. Twitter is our most popular channel. Twitter interactions and responses remain the best. The Weekly Business Quiz is distributed via email and Whatsapp. We have not added many new users. On Facebook, our presence is limited. As we do not advertise through Facebook, our posts are not shown to many. Though we began a Telegram channel we could not maintain the same.

The highlight of 2021 was the Annual Readers Quiz that had 336 readers participating and 29 participants got 100 %.

IBQ is grateful to the many readers who donated generously in 2020. Through these contributions we are able to meet the regular expenses of hosting, domain name, software and subscriptions to Indian and foreign content.

We will continue to keep the site going and curate the best business news from India and abroad in the quiz format for our readers. If you like the content please spread the word. We would like to get back the lost momentum in both content and traffic in the year 2022.

  • G.Mohan for India Business Quiz

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