Weekly Business Quiz # 594


Q1. Which global electronics manufacturer is doing an IPO of its Indian subsidiary Bharat FIH ?

Ans. Foxconn

Q2. What is the name of Flipkart’s social commerce platform that allows individuals to sell grocery and other items to their friends and family using an app and earn a commission ?

Ans. Shopsy

Q3. Which company has bagged the Indian and South East Asian distribution and manufacturing rights for the Reebok sports brand ?

Ans. Aditya Birla Retail

Q4. It is rare for a shampoo to claim that it is slow in acting on hairfall..Which shampoo uses the tagline ‘ Time lagega , par baal bachenge’ ?

Ans. Sebamed

Q5. In which University abroad has the Poonawalla family (Serum Institute) given 50 Mn pounds to create a centre named after them to develop vaccines ?

Ans. Oxford

Q6. The Shriram Group is merging all its finance units Shriram Transport Finance, Shriram City Union Finance and Shriram Capital into one entity. What will be the new entity called ?

Ans. Shriram Finance Ltd

Q7. Which company with its Treo and Alfa models of Electric three wheelers has become the leader in this small but fast growing niche ?

Ans. Mahindra


Q8. Among the following leading crypto exchanges that trade in cryptocurrencies, tokens,NFTs and derivatives which is the only exchange listed in US ?

Ans. Coinbase

Q9. Which model of car has had the longest production run of 86 years in the history of the global automobile industry ?

Ans. Suburban by Chevrolet

Q 10. What does the slang term ‘Betamaxed’ mean ?

Ans. A superior product losing to an inferior product in the marketplace. Sony’s Betamax lost to VHS in the video cassettes.

Q11. The sponsors of Olympics like Coca Cola , P&G, Intel etc have said they support human rights as well as Olympics. Human rights activists say China is using the Beijing winter Olympics to hide their abuses and show the world approves it. What is the term for this abuse ?

Ans. Sportswashing

Q 12. What was the earlier name of Block ? Clue : It is connected to Twitter

Ans. Square.. Jack Dorsey the founder of Twitter also started it and has now become its CEO.

Q 13. Which businessman has been named the Time Magazine Person of the year for 2021 ?

Ans. Elon Musk

Compiled by G.Mohan

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