Weekly Business Quiz # 589


Q1. During this festive season the online retailers had brisk sales of mobile phones. Not only were the sales higher, the buyers bought more expensive mobiles. As per Counterpoint Research what was the average selling price (ASP) of mobiles this season ?

Ans. Rs 19,000

Q2. After Diwali there is a surge in demand for Air Purifiers in Delhi. This year there has been no surge and the demand increase has been only 10% as against the expected 50%. What is being stated as the main reason this year ?

Ans. Masks .. People used to wearing masks do not feel the polluted air as much.

Q3. After Devyani International another franchisee of KFC has entered the capital markets with an IPO. Name it.

Ans. Sapphire Foods

Q4. Mars Wrigley the world’s biggest chocolate maker has started local production of one of its popular brands and offering it at Rs 10/-, lowest priced anywhere in the world. Name the brand

Ans. Galaxy

Q5. Rajnikant Devidas Shroff was conferred Padma Bhushan recently. With which company would you associate him with ?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shroff.jpg

Ans. United Phosphorus Ltd

Q6. With which Formula E racing team has TCS partnered and the team will carry its name also ?

Ans. Jaguar Land Rover

Q7. After some recent scams coming to light, the unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges have come together to form an industry association called BACC and decided to observe a conduct of conduct. Expand BACC

Ans. Blockchain and Crypto Assets Council


Q8. Which well known rapper has entered the NFT Metaverse by owning a virtual mansion on The Sandbox ? He is also revealed he is CozomoMedici a big collector of NFTs.

Ans. Snoop Dogg

Q9. One of the institutions in the news during COP 26 summit is GFANZ. Expand GFANZ. .

Ans. Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net zero

Q 10. ______ is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company’s products are more environmentally sound.  There is a perception that many corporates are doing this. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Greenwashing

Q 11. GE will no longer remain a conglomerate..In how many parts it will be broken and which ones ?

Ans. It will broken up into 3 companies focusing on healthcare, aviation and energy

Compiled by G.Mohan

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