Weekly Business Quiz # 588


Q1. The Nykaa IPO collected the second highest amount ever in an Indian IPO ..Which is the company that collected the highest ever till date ?

Ans. Reliance Power

Q2. Which mobile game available free on Apple and Android platform developed by Singapore firm Garena has the highest number of active users in India ?

Ans. Garena Free Fire or just Free Fire

Q3. Which of the Indian telecom companies has decided to pay the govt dues for spectrum and AGR without accepting the 4 year moratorium offer ?

Ans. Reliance Jio

Q4.From Niky Tasha to LIC agent, X was a visionary entrepreneur and a brand of her own.. A new biography by Sathya Saran has come out on a lady entrepreneur X. Who is X ?

Ans. Ritu Nanda

Q5. Fino Payments Bank is having an open IPO. Fino has had several changes in its strategy and name. The name FINO has stuck with it. FINO is an acronym of its first business when it was trying to provide banking to the unbanked . Expand FINO

Ans. Financial Inclusion Network Operations

Q6. What decision announced by govt was issued and later withdrawn regarding IRCTC that created a lot of controversy and hence volatility in the stock ?

Ans. Initially the Railways ministry announced the convenience fee charged by IRCTC would be shared with the govt 50:50.. This was later withdrawn

Q7. For how many years has the current RBI Governor Shakti Kanta Das got an extension ?

Ans. 3 years


Q8. Where is the UN Climate Change Conference called COP 26 being held currently ?

Ans. Glasgow

Q9. Which QSR brand has adopting a branding strategy called ‘ Accelerating the arches’ by collaborating with rapper Travis Scott , BTS the Korean band etc to make their products culturally relevant ?

Ans. McDonalds

India Business Quiz wishes all its readers a very Happy Deepawali.

Compiled by G.Mohan

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