Weekly Business Quiz # 587


Q1. Which Indian company will be manufacturing Vredestein motorcycle tyres in India that is used in motorcycles above 500 cc ?

Ans. Apollo Tyres

Q2. How do we better know the cosmetics retailer FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd which is coming out with an IPO that opens on 28th October ?

Ans. Nykaa

Q3. Which Indian shipyard is building India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant that will be inducted in Indian Navy next year ?

Ans. Cochin Shipyard Ltd

Q4. Who has been recently appointed as the MD and CEO of credit rating agency ICRA ?

Ans. Ramnath Krishnan

Q5. What recent changes in GST rates have made ball point pens expensive ?

Ans. GST rates for all pens have been made 18 % including ball point pens which were earlier 12 %

Q6. In which Indian airline , an unusual succession is going to happen where father will take over from son as the airline is in big trouble ?

Ans. Go First

Q7. What important milestone was achieved on October 21 in india’s COVID vaccination drive ?

Ans. 100 crore doses of COVID 19 vaccine

Q8. Reliance Brands has acquired 40% in MM Styles and 52 % in Ritika Pvt Ltd..These companies belong to two leading Indian fashion designers . Name them.

Ans. Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar respectively


Q9. Why is the SPAC , DWAC ( Digital World Acquisition Corp) one of the most traded stocks in NASDAQ and has seen steep rise in its valuations ?

Ans. DWAC is the company behind Donald Trump’s soon to be launched social media app Truth social media app.

Q10. Which popular show on Netflix has triggered a spike in the sale of white slip-on shoes worldwide ?

Ans. Squid Games

Q11. There is a move by the International Criminal Court to name destruction of ecosystems and environment as an ‘International Crime’. What is it being called ?

Ans. Ecocide

Q12. Whose autobiography, released recently, is called “Play Nice But Win” ?

Ans. Michael Dell

Compiled by G.Mohan

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