Weekly Business Quiz # 573


Q1. What was the old name of the company RHI Magnesita India Ltd ?

Ans. Orient Refractories Ltd

Q2. What restrictions have been imposed by RBI on MasterCard from July 22, 2021 and why ?

Ans. Mastercard cannot onboard new customers from July 22 as they have not followed the RBI conditions of keeping the client data in a server in India.

Q3. Zomato is the company in the news due to a very high profile #ZomatoIPO .. It did not start off as Zomato. What was the name of the company when it started in 2008 ?

Ans. Foodiebay


Q4. In which country , business executives are carrying business cards that has photograph of the smile behind their masks ?

Ans. Japan

Q5. As per the latest Fortune list which city has the largest number of billionaires ?

Ans. Beijing

Q6. Which car brand has an electric model named IONIQ 5 that is made with a number of different recycled materials like PET bottles, wool, flaxseed oil , sugar cane etc ?

Ans. Hyundai

Q7. Declan Kelly CEO of which global PR firm had to resign over drunken behaviour in a charity party in May this year ?

Ans. Teneo

Q8. To address the complaints that digital assistants like Siri,Alexa promote gender stereotypes what has Apple started offering in Siri ?

Ans. Users can choose male or female voice for Siri while setting it up

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