Weekly Business Quiz # 570


Q 1. Which company owns the Instant coffee and Gourmet coffee brand SUNBEAN ?

Ans. ITC

Q 2. Which sportsman turned entrepreneur, in fact a scion of a well known business family, is setting up an exclusive club for artists, sportsmen, corporates and other celebrities in Worli, Mumbai called Jolie’s ?

Ans. Aryaman Birla son of Kumar Mangalam Birla

Q3. Which TV network would bring Shark Tank India, where entrepreneurs would pitch ideas before a panel to receive funding ? This show is very successful in US

Ans. Sony TV

Q4. Which car brand has launched an SUV named Kushaq ?

Ans. Skoda

Q5.Which are the 2 public sector banks likely to be privatised as per the recommendations of the Cabinet Secretary led panel ?

Ans. Central Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank

Q6. Heineken used the background music of an Indian film in this TV Commercial Today is the birth anniversary of the person who composed this. Name the film/song and the composer

Ans. Hare Rama Hare Krishna , R D Burman

Q7. Reliance has announced in the AGM held recently that they will be entering renewable energy business in a big way. Reliance will set up 4 Gigafactories. What will these factories produce ?

Ans. Solar photovoltaic module factory, Energy storage battery factory, Electrolyser factory, Fuel cell factory,

Q8. Which hotel brand has been voted as the Strongest Hotel Brand in the World by Brand Finance in their latest report ?

Ans. Taj

Q9. Which company has acquired the controlling stake in the diagnostics firm Thyrocare Technologies for over Rs 4500 crore ?

Ans. Pharmeasy

Q 10. Which state has announced an Economic advisory council with high profile names like Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian, Esther Duflo, John Dreze and S Narayan ?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q 11. The Govt of India has pleaded in the Supreme Court that it will not be able to pay compensation to the family of the people who died due to COVID 19. What is the amount per victim in discussion ?

Ans. Rs 4 lakhs

Q 12. Darshan Patel & family and Sequoia Capital have sold controlling stake in Vini Cosmetics to KKR. This is the largest buyout of a consumer goods firm in India by a PE company. This is the second major consumer product company success for Patels. Which was the previous one ?

Ans. Paras pharmaceuticals , marketers of Moov, Krack and D”Cold etc


Q 13. Jennifer Gates , daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates has announced her engagement to Nayel Nassar…He is a sportsperson and businessman.. His sport and business are linked.. In what business is Nayel in ?

Ans. He is a Professional Equestrian and his business is Nassar Stables

Q 14. What big milestone in market cap was crossed by the Facebook stock recently ?

Ans. 1 Trillion $

Q 15. Which company has recently received the US FAA to carry customers into space ?

Ans. Virgin Galactic floated by Richard Branson

Q 16. Which popular pro-democracy newspaper in Hongkong closed down its print edition recently ?

Ans. Apple Daily

Q 17. Name the person who said this. ” I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet.” He died recently in a Spanish prison

Ans. John McAfee , the founder of the McAfee antivirus software

Compiled by G.Mohan

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