Weekly Business Quiz # 571


Q1. Under what name has Krafton launched a variant of PUBG in India ? It was earlier banned because of keeping data in China.

Ans. BGMI- Battleground Mobile India

Q2. Name this Indian startup known for its portfolio of nine casual games like Daily Themed Crossword, WordJam , Word Trip etc that has been sold to the Swedish Gaming Giant MTG for $360Mn

Ans. PlaySimple

Q3. Which Indian pharma company has got the rights to import and market the Johnson and Johnson single dose COVID 19 vaccine in India ?

Ans. Cipla

Q4. During the pandemic, sales of all drinks have not been affected. Brands like Svami, Sepoy, Gunsberg, Bengal Bay etc have done well. In which category do they belong ?

Ans. Non-alcoholic or less alocoholc beverages like tonic water, ginger ale etc.

Q5. How is Jio holding on to its prepaid customers who may have recharging or payment difficulty during the pandemic and thereby also increasing its ARPU ?

Ans. Buying data packs now and pay later

Q6. Indian Railways and RITES have floated a company named REMCL under Ministry of Railways. Expand REMCL

Ans. Railways Energy Management Co. Ltd

Q7. In the recently announced stimulus package by the Govt of India has a 3.03 lakh crores National Power Reforms Scheme. Which area of power sector will get focus ?

Ans. Distribution

Q8. Heritage Foods has now entered the Ready to Eat segment. What is the first product in this segment ?

Ans.Tikka Paneer

Q9. A Chennai based startup has started advertising for its range of electric two wheelers. The vehicles will be on the road in September 21. Name the company

Ans. Aventose Energy


Q10. This Steven Spielberg film was due for a December release but due to production delays was released on July4 , 1975. It became a huge hit.Since then July 4 has become an important date for Hollywood releases. Name the film

Ans. Jaws

Q11. During the pandemic there has been accelerated shift to the public cloud. This has led to a 40% growth in the IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) market. Who is the market leader worldwide in IaaS ?

Ans. AWS ( Amazon Web Services)

Q12. As the companies are coming out of lockdown, many offices are opening up, either partially or fully. During this process companies are adopting various strategies.. Two words that often recur are ” Hybrid” and “Mixed” in the opening up plans. What is the difference bet. the two?

Ans. Hybrid when the same person/ team is working some days from office and some days from home. Mixed is a team when some are working from home and some from office.

Q13. X trade is a trading strategy that involves borrowing at a low-interest rate and investing in an asset that provides a higher rate of return. X trade is typically based on borrowing in a low-interest rate currency and converting the borrowed amount into another currency. X ?

Ans. Carry Trade

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