Weekly Business Quiz # 567


Q1. Tata Digital has acquired the startup Curefit. Along with Curefit, which entrepreneur comes in as President of Tata Digital ?

Ans. Mukesh Bansal of CureFit will also be President of Tata Digial

Q2. Which 5 Star hotel in Mumbai has announced temporary shut down of operations as it is not having cash even to pay salaries ?

Ans. Hyatt Regency, Mumbai near the airport

Q 3. For how many years has SEBI has imposed a ban on Franklin Templeton MF from launching any debt fund scheme ?

Ans. 2 years

Q4. Kerala and Karnataka both the states’ road transport corporations carried the acronym KSRTC. This created confusion , so a case was filed about who is the rightful owner of the acronym KSRTC. Who won and what was the logic ?

Ans. Kerala because it came up before Karnataka

Q5. In a Twitter contest for a new moniker for Bengaluru, which name was selected by Anand Mahindra and Nandan Nilekani ?

Ans. TecHalli


Q6. The G-7 country leaders have agreed on a minimum corporate tax for corporations so that the large companies do not avoid taxes by taking refuge in tax havens. What is the minimum rate proposed ?

Ans. 15%

Q7. JBS SA , US’s largest meat producer had a major disruption few days back leading to closure of its plants and supply chains. What incident caused this ?

Ans. Cyber attack by ransomware

Q8. Lego has launched a new set called ” Everyone is awesome’ with 11 pieces in different colours. What are they trying to promote through this ?

Ans. LGBTQ+ sensitivity

Compiled by G.Mohan

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