Weekly Business Quiz # 563


Q 1. Vanraj Bhatia, the music director of films like Bhumika, Manthan and TV serials like Tamas, Bharat Ek Khoj was brought to the film industry by Shyam Benegal from advertising. Vanraj Bhatia composed the first ever entirely Indian advertising jingle. Name the brand

Ans. Shakti silks

Q2. The newly appointed Finance Minister Dr P Thiagarajan of Tamil Nadu has top degrees in Engg and Finance from NIT and MIT Sloan School. He worked in Wall Street and Singapore. In which Wall Street firm did he work ?

Ans. Lehman Bros in Wall Street and Standard Chartered in Singapore

Q3.With which book store in Bengaluru would you associate T S Shanbhag who passed away recently ? RIP

Ans. Premier Book Store

Q4. As per BCCI, what is the estimate of their losses if IPL 2021 is cancelled ?

Ans. Rs 2200 crore


Q5. Who has Warren Buffett selected his successor at Berkshire Hathway ?

Ans. Greg Abel

Q6. Recently President Biden visited a Mexican Restaurant in Washington DC and ordered Tacos. Which scheme was he promoting ?

Ans. Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Compiled by G.Mohan

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