Weekly Business Quiz # 564


Q1. Which Bollywood film had a multi-platform release by Zee across platforms like theatres, DTH and OTT platform and charged viewers on a pay-per-view basis ?

Ans. Radhe

Q2. In which car company in India did Siddharth Shriram, a scion of the Shriram group. have a minority stake that he sold in 2012 ? Siddharth Shriram passed away due to COVID. RIP.

Ans. Honda

Q3. Gunjan Shah will be joining as the CEO of Bata India from June 2021. From which company is he joining ?

Ans. Britannia

Q4. Who are the people behind a SPAC named Seven Islands Inc that has filed for an IPO in US ? This company will make acquisitions in media, entertainment etc in India, South Asia and South-East Asia.

Ans. Uday Shankar and James Murdoch

Q5. What is the slightly modified new name for low-cost carrier Go Air ?

Ans. Go First..This may be done because Go Air is a brand owned by a private company owned by Jeh Wadia.

Q6. NSE has come out with a new index of 250 companies that rank 501-750 in the list of companies in terms of market capitalization. What is this index called ?

Ans. NSE Microcap 250

Q7. This Professor of Finance uses his financial analysis acumen to identify small companies early. He is so low profile that no photo exists in public domain. Recently he made a sizeable investment in Solara. Name this reclusive investor from Mumbai.

Ans. Shivanand Mankekar

Q8. Starting as Bharat Vijay Mills , this textile company promoted by Patels in Gujarat found success in the business of moulded plastic tanks and other plastic products. It did a demerger of the two businesses and invested heavily. Both businesses suffered. Now in NCLT. Name it.

Ans. Sintex

Q9. Rajeev Karwal passed away due to COVID. RIP. He was known as a marketing wizard in the consumer durables business working for various cos like LG, Whirlpool , Philips. As an entrepreneur later he found success during the pandemic induced lockdown. What product category ?

Ans. Home robots

Q 10. Who has been appointed as the new MD and CEO of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd ? Clue : He authored the book ‘ The CEO Factory’

Ans. Sudhir Sitapati

Q 11. Who has been selected as the first CEO of National Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd, the Indian version of bad bank ?

Ans.Padmakumar Nair


Q12. After US which country became the second one to land a spacecraft on Mars ?

Ans. China

Q 12. In the context of e-commerce what does SoLoMo stand for ?

Ans. Social Local Mobile

Q 13, Spencer Silver, a former scientist with 3M passed away at the age of 80. He had been assigned a task to develop a super strong adhesive. He developed a very weak one. His colleague Arthur Fry found an application for it. It was initially called Press n’ Peel. How do we know it

Ans. Post-It

Q 14, Why has Elon Musk changed his mind about Bitcoins and announced suspension of use of Bitcoins for sale of Tesla cars ?

Ans. Mining of Bitcoins are energy guzzling and this energy is coming from fossil fuels.

Q 15. Which country has rolled out the first Central Bank Digital Currency called the Sand Dollar ?

Ans. Bahamas

Compiled by G.Mohan

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