US Monthly Quiz-August

Q 1. Remy Labesque has redesigned the chocolate chip ..He did that to solve the problem for a local chocolate chip maker Dandelion to produce chips of consistent quality in a large scale..Where does Remy work in his day job as an industrial designer ?


Ans. Tesla

Q 2. Coca Cola is launching a blend in US in three variants caramel, Dark Blend and Vanilla. With what is Coke blended with ?


Ans. Coffee

Q3. A leading tech company under its Project Kuiper has got US govt approval to deploy a constellation of over 3000 satellites to improve internet connectivity ..Name the firm

Ans. Amazon

Q 4. A businessman in Texas US Lee Price III was arrested recently because he bought a Lamborgini Urus, Rolex Watch and some other luxury goods. What was his crime ?

Ans. He had taken COVID loans for his business and used them to make the luxury purchases

Q 5. Which singer has threatened to sue Donald Trump for using his songs ‘Rockin in the free world’ and ‘Devil’s sidewalk’ for using them in the rallies and events ?

Ans. Neil Young

Q6. Which popular newspaper globally announced that their digital revenue have exceeded the print revenue for the first time ?

Ans. New York Times

Q7. Microsoft will be launching a cloud based gaming service soon, what will it be called ?

Ans. x Cloud

Q 8. On 10th August 1937, GD Beauchamp, co-founder of the National Stringed Instrument Corporation gets a patent for the first instrument that was known as the Rickenbacker Frying Pan. What popular instrument are we talking about ?

Ans. Rickenbacker Frying Pan was an Electric -Guitar

Q9 Warren Buffett had in the past mocked investing in gold as an unproductive investment. Yet, Berkshire Hathaway has taken a 1.2 % stake in a gold mining mining company. Name it.

Ans. Barrick Gold

Q 10. Recently which bank has reported that they have made a 900 mn $ blunder wherein the bank remitted the money of their client Revlon to the creditors which was due only in 2023? The bank has admitted it as a ‘clerical error’

Ans. Citibank

Q 11. Which presentation sharing service that Microsoft had acquired in 2012 has now been sold to Scribd and will operate as part of Scribd from September 24 ?

Ans. Slideshare

Q 12. Identify this American media mogul who passed away recently. Name his media companies also


Ans. Sumner Redstone of CBS-Viacom

Q 13. The CDC of US has banned a particular model of masks as they do not help in spreading virus. Airlines are also banning such masks. What type of masks are being banned ?

Ans. N95 masks with valves

Q 14 . What rules of shower head design established during George HW Bush time in 1992 is going to be amended by Donald Trump because it is coming in the way of his desire to have ‘perfect’ hair ?

Ans. Rules regarding the shower design which regulates the total volume of water discharged

Q 15. Why was Fortnite removed from Apple Store following which is a court case ?

Ans. When Fortnite bypassed Apple store to allow customers to buy the games without going through Apple store, thereby not paying the commission on sales to Apple

Q 16. In 2020, Bill Ackman, founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, sponsored his own SPAC, Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, the largest-ever SPAC, raising $4 billion in its offering on July 22. Expand SPAC and what is a SPAC

Ans. Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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