Weekly Business Quiz # 520


Q 1. What is the quantum of money that Google has announced that it will invest in a digitization fund in India ?

Ans. 10 bn $

Q 2. What consignment was carried by a special parcel train run by Indian Railways from Guntur to Benapole in Bangladesh recently ?

Ans. Red chillies

Q 3. As per the draft rules for working hours for labour , what has the labour ministry proposed ?

Ans 8 hours

Q4. Three different brands from different companies have the same copy. What is #13thkitayyari being talked about ?

Ans. Zee was relaunching the soap operas after the break due to pandemic

Q 5. Unacademy has acquired Prepladder. What market segment does Prepladder address ?

Ans. Medical entrance prepration

Q6. Who has acquired the General Insurance Co Raheja QBE in an all cash deal ?

Ans. PayTM founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma in his individual capacity and One97 Communications, the company that owns PayTM


Q7. Which country’s government has announced a 2 Bn $ package to save their Culture sector that includes museums, galleries, theatres, movie theatres, music venues etc which have got severely impacted by COVID ?

Ans. UK

Q8. Uber has acquired Postmates for $ 2.65 Bn $ in an all stock deal. In which business is Postmates in ?

Ans. Food Deilvery

Q9. Google has withdrawn Google Plus from the Play Store. What will you find in its place ?

Ans. Currents

Q 10. Which well known electronics giant was called NM Electronics first, initials of their founders Noyce and Moore, was later renamed as Integrated Electronics and then to its current name ?

Ans. Intel

Q 11. Which mobile phone company proposes to do away with including a phone charger in the box as already users have chargers ? This will bring down costs

Ans. Samsung.. Earlier Apple also announced such a move

Q 12. Why is the Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin and Raj Ganguly promoted investment firm called B Capital?

Ans. B series funding of startups

Q 13. Which Indian company that has an investment by Mars is doing extremely well during the lockdown because of its range of Ready-to-eat food products ?

Ans. Tasty Bite Eatables

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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