Weekly Business Quiz # 519


Q 1. What is the new name for the Men’s Fair and Lovely ?

Ans. Glow and Handsome

Q 2. After Haldi Doodh what new immunity booster product has Amul launched ?

Ans. Tulsi Doodh

Q3. What is the moment called when a country realizes that it needs to catch up with technological ttand scientific developments made by some other country by increasing its investment into education, innovative R & D, etc. This term is being used when Indian govt banned the Chinese apps ?

Ans. Sputnik moment. When US realised the erstwhile USSR had gone ahead in the space race after the launch of Sputnik

Q4. One of the app that is standng to benefit from the Tik tok ban in India is owned by InMobi. Its daily active users have spiked afer the ban. Name it

Ans. Roposo

Q5. Which stock will replace Vedanta in Nifty 50 from July 31 ?

Ans. HDFC Life

Q6. What new feature has Facebook launched in India which would allow users to create a digital persona that is uniquely representative of the user ? It can be used in Whatsapp also


Q7. Vizag had yet another accident, a gas leak, recently leading to some unfortunate deaths. Which pharma firm’s plant had this accident ?

Ans. Sainor Life Sciences


Q8. June 30  is the World Social Media Day . World Social Media Day was first celebrated in 2010. Which magazine started this trend ?

Ans. Mashable

Q9. Adidas has launched running shoes called Ultraboost DNA Parley. What is unique about this ?

Ans. Made with recycled ocean plastic waste

Q 10. Name this car manufacturer that has an USP of safety. It was the first to introduce seat belt in cars. It is now recalling 2 M cars because of seat belt fatigue causing damage to the cable. It is doing it proactively, as there have no injuries or accidents due to it

Ans. Volvo

Q 11. Which company’s Chief decided to produce a Short Shorts to take a dig at the Short Sellers who were predicting the company’s failure ? It has produced and is now retailing at $.69.420. Why .420?


Ans. Tesla’s Elon Musk. 420 per share was the price offered by Elon musk to investors for making Tesla private.

Q 12. The police personnel are wearing this advance AI helmet named Beam Head. What unique feature does this have that can protect them during the pandemic ?


Ans. It detects the temperature of the people around using sensors and alerts the wearer

Q 13. On July 8 1889 three financial reporters Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser started publishing a four page afternoon newspaper . What publication are we talking about ?

Ans. The Wall Street Journal

Q 14. Name this alcoholic beverage from China that was launched by VBev in India in collaboration with Jiangxiaobai . It is a white spirit with a flavor of pineapple. This drink is the world’s top selling spirit by volume , double that of whisky segment

Ans. Baijiu

Q 15. NPC International one of the largest franchisees of two popular fast food chains has filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. Which two fast food chains are they franchisees of ?

Ans. Pizza Hut and Wendy’s

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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