Weekly Business Quiz # 517


Q 1. Which former Infosys CEO and founder is behind the non-profit Shiksalokam a technology led education platform that is helping build capacity among school teachers to improve learning outcomes ?

Ans. SD Shibulal

Q 2. Which Indian pharma company has got approval to launch a drug for COVID-19 that will be sold in the trade name of Fabiflu ?

Ans. Glenmark

Q3. Ashoka University has launched a number of short online courses with teachers like Kaushik Basu, Arvind Subramanian, PB Mehta etc. What is their MOOC platform called ?

Ans. Ashoka X

Q4. Who will be taking over as the new Chairman of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy from Dr Vijay Kelkar ?

Ans. Urjit Patel

Q5. What products made by Imbesharam.com currently sourced from China will be made in India under the brandnames Sanskaar and Samaaj in the spirit of Atmanirbharta ?

Ans. Sex Toys

Q6. The govt proposes to decriminalise many of the minor offences of financial nature in order to improve the Ease of Doing Business. One of the most common case is a violation of Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. What is this violation popularly known as ?

Ans. Cheque Bouncing

Q7. Which Indian FMCG company has decided to rent out its 40000 sqft Corporate Office in Chennai and close down its branch offices as employees have adjusted to Working from Home ?

Ans. CavinKare

Q8. Why do Doctors with Indian sounding names usually NRIs and not Indian doctors practicing In India appear in advertisements for brands like Sensodyne, Colgate and Iodex Ultragel ?


Ans. As per medical ethics of the Dental Council of India, Indian Doctors cannot advertise so NRI doctors are used who can be identified with by the Indian consumers

Q9. With several states allowing delivery of alcohol at homes, what type of buyers may expand the market as they were reluctant to buy from the liquor outlets ?

Ans. Women

Q 10. What new branded category is Amul test marketing in Gujarat ?

Ans. Atta

Q 11. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and his family have been served notices by SEBI on insider trading allegations. Which investee company is involved ?

Ans. Aptech Ltd

Q 12. This ad jingle uses a song originally sung nearly 50 years ago . On 16th June 2020 was this late singer’s birth centeanry. Name him.

Ans. Hemant Kumar or Hemanta Mukhopadhyaya


Q 13. Which company has an AI based healthcare platform called Edison ?

Ans. GE

Q 14. Apple will no longer be using Intel chips in its MacBooks and Desktops. Which chips would they be using instead ?

Ans. Their own chips

Q 15. Which company is behind the brands Neutrogena and Clean and Clear that is withdrawing all its fairness range worldwide ?

Ans. Johnson and Johnson


  • Compiled by G.Mohan 
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