Weekly Business Quiz # 516


Q 1. In which country hundreds of jobless employees of locked-down bars, cafes and restaurants posed in the nude with strategically positioned plates and napkins against the lockdown measures that were hurting them badly ?

Ans. Russia

Q 2. The person on the left is the right hand man of Mukesh Ambani and is considered the rainmaker behind the string of equity deals with various investors for Jio Platforms. He is a very private person and does not give interviews. Here is an old photo of him. Name him


Ans. Manoj Modi

Q 3. Which Tata company has sold 3 freight carrier ships to a German company as a move to reduce its debt ? The company had bought them earlier as a backward integration move

Ans. Tata Power

Q4. There has been a lot of hullabaloo about parathas/parotas being taxed at a higher rate than rotiss/chapatis. The CBIC has clarified that at a restaurant rates for both will be same. Parotas of a particular type attract 18 % GST such as ID’s Malabar Parotas. Why ?

Ans. Frozen parotas need processing before eating , hence their category is different

Q4. India has the highest ever Forex reserves now close to 500 Bn $. India is now 3rd in the quantum of the forex reserves. Which two countries are ahead of India ?

Ans. China and Japan

Q5. Which Indian entrepreneur has received the EY World Entrepreneur of Year Award for this year ?

Ans. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Q6. What new category of people are being included in the list of designated persons after COVID , who may be in possession of unpublished price sensitive information (UPSI) as per SEBI’s insider trading rules ?

Ans. The IT infrastructure support people who manage the video conferencing backend

Q7. Which company owns and operates the oil well where a massive fire has broken out in Baghjan of Assam, leading to a few casualties also ?

Ans. Oil India Ltd

Q8.Which popular biscuit brand has reported that during the COVID lockdown period they reported the highest volumes ever ?

Ans. Parle G


Q9. Which New York based entertainer’s voice can be heard as the voice in Apple Siri as well as Google Maps ?

Ans. Karen Jacobsen

Q 10. Which tech company has taken a patent for taking a group selfie that can be taken with people being at a distance from each other , where photos are taken separately and then combined into one ?

Ans. Apple

Q 11. Which device that had been seeing decline 4 years in a row has seen an uptick in sales as e-learning becomes a necessity during lockdown ?

Ans. Tablets

Q 12. Which global tech company has a venture fund called M12 and why it is called so ?

Ans. M stands for Microsoft and there are 12 letters in Entrepreneur

Q 13. In 1930 Margarien Unie merged with Lever Brothers to form Unilever. Till now they kept HQ in both the countries. Now it has decided to keep just one. Where would be the single HQ for Unilever ?

Ans. London

Q 14. Merger of which two companies will create the world’s largest food delivery company outside China ?

Ans. Just Eat Takeaway.com and GrubHub

Q 15. What is the title suggested by World Tourism Organisation for staff who help guests help negotiate all the new formalities like sanitising, washing hands, disinfecting etc necessitated by the pandemic ?

Ans. Guest Guardian

Q 16. At a time when digital education is growing fast , Apple has decided to shut its elearning University in 2021. Name it

Ans. Apple iTunes U

Q 17. Which Japanese company, owner of a well known brand will see a transition in leadership after 60 years. The baton is being passed from the grandfather Shintaro Tsuji to grandson Tomokuni ?

Ans. Sanrio, Founder of Hello Kitty

Q 18. As per a Citi report the Nickel industry will be hit badly due to COVID. Slump in which industry is likely to be one of the important reasons for this ?

Ans. The decline in the restaurant industry would mean lower sales of stainless steelcutlery. Stainless steel cutlery is a big user of stainless steel. Nickel is an input for stainless steel.

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