Weekly Business Quiz # 515


Q1. Identify this NRI businessman and his company. He made his money by computerising insurance companies in the US. He acquired several Internet companies and start-ups in India. Recently his company called off the merger deal with Yatra.

Robin Raina

Ans. Robin Raina, EBix Inc

Q2. What is the term used for support services provided by employees to help laid off employees transition into new jobs and new companies ?

Ans. Outplacement

Q3. Which soft drink brand has signed up Sonu Sood as a brand ambassador , after seeing his rising popularity as a result of his humanitarian work during lockdown ?


Q4. Which once a leading bicycle manufacturer and exporter has closed down last of its factories in Haryana and laid off all the workers ?

Ans. Atlas Cycle

Q5. Who has assumed charge as the President of the industry body CII ?

Ans. Uday Kotak

Q6. Which Indian motorcycle model is hugely popular in several African countries ahead of other Indian and Chinese models ?

Ans. Bajaj Boxer

Q7. Data consumption in rural India has surged during lockdown. More people are watching YouTube, Facebook and NetFlix. Which govt entity provides the Fibre to home connections in rural India from the BharatNet backbone ?

Ans. CSC e-Governance Services


Q8. Zynga has acquired Turkish game maker Peak for $ 1.8 Billion. What popular puzzle games belong to Peak ?

Ans. Toon Blast and Toy Blast

Q9. Microsoft is upgrading it’s Edge browser to most of its Windows 10 users. What is the new version of the browser called ?

Ans. Chromium Edge

Q 10. This is a advt from Netherlands..Identify the brand ..The brand is present in India also.


Ans. Ariel

Q 11. Name this American businessman behind the hotel chain  Budget Suites of America who started an eponymous company to provide low cost living, working and storage infrastructure in space. A module developed by them was deployed in space outside the ISS in 2016.

Ans, Robert Bigelow

Q 12. On May 31 this year Crew Dragon a spaceship carried two astronauts to the International space Station . Name the private space company behind it

Ans. SpaceX

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