Weekly Business Quiz # 507


Q 1. After the COVID crisis many employers including governments are announcing cuts in salaries for 2020-21 . Kotak Mahindra Bank has announced a 15 % cut in salary for their top management. Uday Kotak has made a bigger sacrifice. How much salary would he be taking in 2020-21 ?

Ans. Re 1

Q 2. Which startup in private general insurance space has come out with a Covid specfic health insurance policy ?

Ans. Digit


Q 3. Which two tech giants , otherwise bitter rivals, are coming together to develop technologies to trace COVID 19 patients without intruding on their privacy ?

Ans. Google and Apple

Q 4. At a time when the Wall Street crashed in the wake of the Corona crisis, one hedge fund Universa Tail Fund gave 3600 % return in the month of March. Which famed analyst and commentator is the advisor to this Miami based fund ?

Ans. Nassim Taleb

Q 5. There has been a slump in the prices of crude oil largely due to talks breaking down between two big producers Russia and Saudi Arabia. Now both have agreed to cut their supplies, which has made prices rise again. One country refused to cut, so US is helping them out. Name it.

Ans. Mexico

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