US Monthly Quiz- March

Q 1. Satya Nadella in his talk at Bengaluru pointed out 2 trends , billions of connected devices and humongous quantity of data being generated. Hence, he says there is an opportunity of X becoming the world’s computer. What is X ?

Ans. Microsoft Azure

Q 2. Walmart has entered the healthcare services in US to grab a share of the over 3 Tn $ business. What services will it provide ?

Ans. Primary care including dental and diagnostics

Q 3. The US government has increased the visa fees for EB-5 visa by 50000 $. What visa category is EB – 5 ?

Ans. Investor category

Q 4. Warren Buffett who stands for and professes simplicity recently shifted from an old Samsung flip phone to iPhone 11. What is his only use for a smart phone ?

Ans.  Receiving and making phone calls

Q 5. Accenture has said that they are employing 63,000 robots to do various tasks in their offices Accenture says robots will not replace humans totally but all MRPT tasks will be automated. What does MRPT stand for ?

Ans. Measurable, Repeatable, predicatable , transactions
Q6. Gilead acquired Forty Seven in US in multi billion $ deal. Which industry are they in ?

Ans. Pharmaceuticals

Q7. Jack Welch the legendary CEO of GE passed away recently. He was the youngest CEO and led GE for 20 years. He was voted as the Manager of the Century by Fortune in 1999. He was also called as ____ Jack for his ruthless cost cutting . Fill in the blanks 

Ans. Neutron

Q8. Which company originally came up with this poster for boosting morale in factory in 1942 using a fictional woman -Rosie the Riveter ?


Ans. Westinghouse Electric

Q9. Who is the market leader globally in the 100 B $ cloud infrastructure services market in 2019 ?

Ans. Amazon Web Services

Q 10. Which global major has acquired the energy drinks company Rockstar ?


Ans. Pepsico

Q 11. Which American TV broadcasting service is launching a streaming service called Peacock ?

Ans. NBC

Q 13. Which legendary wall street investment bank  had a 35 page dress code before it was relaxed by its new Chairman and CEO David Solomon who took over in 2019 ?

Ans. Goldman Sachs

Q 14. Name this personal protective equipment ( PPE) an early model of it was developed by a Chinese Doctor Lien-teh Wu during the 1910 plague. This was later developed and used for miners by 3M also. Now in the current Covid epidemic also this is being used widely.

Ans. N 95 Mask

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