US Monthly Quiz- January

Q 1. Daniel Dines is the entrepreneur who has built UiPath into a 3000 member company with 7 Bn $ valuation…It is a Robotic Process Automation company which has top banks and FIs as its client . Now it operates from New York. But it is the only unicorn from its country .Which one ?

Ans. Romania

Q 2. Recently, Burger King revealed it had been using McDonald’s burgers in its Whopper ads. What prank was Burger King playing ?

Ans. A McDonald’s burger was kept behind every Whopper in the photo shoot to demonstrate that Whoppers are bigger

Q 3. The competition between Boeing and Airbus is stuff of management folklore..In 2019,.Airbus has beaten Boeing in terms of number of aircraft deliveries. In which year earlier, did Airbus have higher number of deliveries than Boeing ?

Ans. 2011

Q 4. Proteau, Mingle, Seedlip are brands of a.certain category of drinks that are becoming popular in the US. What drinks are these ?

Ans. Mocktails

Q 5. Which business magazine was first published in September 1929, 7 weeks before the stock market crash that led to The Great Depression ? The magazine completed 90 years recently

Ans. The Business Week, now called Bloomberg Businessweek

Q 6. Which Hollywood celebrity , now 61, got blocked out from the dating site Bumble because the site admin thought it would be a fake id ? However, they unblocked soon and welcomed her .

Ans. Sharon Stone

Q7. Marc.Benioff in his book ‘The Trailblazer ‘ has mentioned that the idea of an App store first came up during his meeting with Steve Jobs. Salesforce went on to create App Exchange based on that idea. What gift did Benioff give to Steve Jobs for giving Salesforce the idea ?

Ans. He had regstered earlier , this was gifted to Steve Jobs

Q8. Which Indian born billionaire has been having a long running feud with the public and now with the Californian govt over public access to Martins beach near Half Moon Bay ?

Ans. Vinod Khosla

Q 9. Name this speciality chemicals MNC headquartered in Boston, USA. The company named after the founder was started in 19th century. It is a leader in many chemicals, around carbon , carbon black being one. It has spent over 50 years in India too.

Ans. Cabot Corporation

Q 10. Name this 10 year old company in Silicon Valley which is developing a electric flying taxi. Toyota has made a 400 Million $ investment in this company recently


Ans. Joby Aviation

Q 11. What is the change in name for 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures proposed by Disney ?

Ans. Disney has dropped ‘Fox from the name

Q 12. What did.Christopher Messina use in a tweet in 2007 for the first time that later became very popular in social media ?

Ans. Hashtag #

Q 13. Uber has started testing a new feature where it is allowing some California drivers to set their own fares. Why is it doing so ?

Ans. To prove Uber’s argument that these drivers are independent workers and not employees. The feature is “to preserve flexible work” for California drivers.

Q 14. Which fund house globally has made an announcement that they would divest their investment in any company that earns more than 25 % of its revenue from coal ?

Ans. Blackrock

Q 15. Why has John Kapoor, an Amritsar born, Mumbai educated pharmacist been convicted in the US ?

Ans. Opioid Fraud Scheme – Conspiracy pertaining to Bribing Doctors to prescribe Drugmaker InsysTherapeutics’ Painkiller Subsys and defrauding Insurance Cos. to pay for the Drug.

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