Weekly Business Quiz # 489


Q 1. Identify this business leader, who started her career in Wall Street and now heads an Asset Management Co..In the news for the Bharat Bond ETF.

Radhika Gupta

Ans. Radhika Gupta of Edelweiss AMC

Q 2. Which Indian company has under its diversity and inclusion policies given incentives for their employees who belong to LGBTQ+ communities ?

Ans. Tata Steel, earlier similar policy adopted by TCS

Q 3. Shatrughan Sinha is a popular villain turned hero. As a celebrity endorser his utility was limited due to his image. Yet this ad for a Soda was very popular. What are such ads called which everyone knows is promoting not just the soda ?


Ans. Surrogate advertising

Q 4. Titan has come out with a special collection of watches in an Indian language. The TV Commercial accompanying its launch has been made to showcase the best aspects of the state and its culture. However , this has not gone down well with one section . Which language ?

Ans. Tamil

Q 5. Who has taken over as the Chairman of NSE ?

Ans. Girish Chandra Chaturvedi

Q 6. Samsung has launched a premium display screen in India named ‘The Wall’. What is the approx price of a 292 inch in 8K display screen ?

Ans. Rs 12 crore

Q 7. Which company will be marketing the premium motorcycle models from Husqvarna in India ?


Ans. Bajaj Auto through its KTM showrooms

Q8. What is the newly created Index of PSU Bonds maturing in April 2030 maintained by NSE called ?

Ans. Bharat Bond Index

Q9. Nirlon in the 1970s, was a company well known for its nylon filament yarn, conveyor belt and other products. It had a top cricket team led by Sunil Gavaskar in his heydays. The company fell into bad times and has now reinvented itself. In what business is Nirlon today in ?

Ans. Commercial Real estate and IT Parks

Q 10. Shikhar Dhawan and his wife Ayesha Mukherjee have launched a brand of home decor. What is it called ?


Ans. DaOne

Q 11. Telecom companies offering Fintech services is common. A mobile phone brand offering personal loans is not common. Which smartphone brand has diversified into offering credit in India ?

Ans. Mi Credit launched by Xiaomi

Q 12. Identify this vintage ad from the Doordarshan days. Here the model is Jaaved Jaaferi , a versatile actor, mimic, dubbing artist and presenter.


Ans. Hamdard – Cinkara

Q 13. In what business is the Indian chain Big Boy Toyz ?

Ans. Pre-owned luxury cars

Q 14. Name this company with a 250 year old history. Starting with managing army tours in British India, it became a travel agency. It was acquired by Kerkars through dubious means. They grew rapidly under Peter and Urshlla Kerkar in hotels and outbound tours. Now bankrupt & under IBC

Ans. Cox and Kings

Q 15. Thomas Cook India Ltd have chosen to buy the Thomas Cook brand in India after the Thomas Cook worldwide went bankrupt. How much did they pay for this rights ?

Ans. Rs 14 crore

Q 16. After the SEBI ban on Karvy Stock Broking, the owners of Karvy Fintech , General Atlantic Partners have renamed the Fintech co . What is the new name ?

Ans. KFin Technologies

Q 17. Why has Chanda Kochhar has filed a case in High Court against her former employer ICICI Bank ?

Ans. She claims that she had resigned and her resignation was accepted . But later they have terminated her and withheld her benefits,


Q 18. The founders of Google Page and Brin have made an announcement that promotes Sundar Pichai. What is the change in the responsibility for Sundar Pichai now ?

Ans. Sundar Pichai is now the CEO of the holding company Alphabet in addition to being the CEO of Google

Q 19. Which newspaper made this spelling error of Sundar Pichai’s name in the headlines ? This is a paper which Pichai has said that he reads everyday the print edition with his morning cup of tea.


Ans. Wall Street Journal

Q 20. Who was the sponsor of the South African cricket team for the last 21 years ? They have now decided to withdraw their sponsorship.

Ans. Standard Bank

Q 21. On the day, Steve Jobs launched the Macintosh, a reporter from Popular Science asked him what type of studies Apple had conducted to ensure there was a market for the computer. Jobs retorted, “Did X do any market research before he invented Y ?” What are X and Y ?

Ans. X –  Alexander Graham Bell and Y is Telephone

Q 22. Which chain has based on their ‘partners’ feedback liberalised their dress code from an elaborate 15 page one to a single page one ?

Ans. Starbucks

  • Compiled by G.Mohan 

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