Weekly Business Quiz # 482


Q 1.Which former bureaucrat and Chairman of Central Vigilance Commission has joined Reliance Industries board as a non-executive director ?

Ans. K.V.Chowdary

Q 2. This is a new species of eel discovered in Kerala. It is named after a snack because one of the researchers while having tea , saw a packet of this snack on a packet. The picture of the snack resembled this eel. So they decided to name it X pangio eel loach. What is X ?



Ans. Bhujia

Q 3. On visiting Lebanon, Amarjit X discovered Pita wrap with varieties of fillings.He returned, experimented recipes with his wife and developed ‘Frankie’ for which he owns the TM. First in Mumbai. In 50 years it has expanded. Now X Frankies stalls can be seen across. What is X ?

Tibb's Frankie

Ans. Tibb’s

Q 4. Which company has started an e-mobility service in Mumbai using electric cars booked by an app named Glyd ?


Ans. Mahindra’s

Q5. If there are multiple index funds based on the same Index , then what metric is most commonly used to compare the index funds, other things being equal ?

Ans. Tracking ratio

Q6. National Institute of Nutrition is the oldest Indian Council of Medical Reasearch  lab in the country. It celebrated its centenary by releasing a stamp. Where is it located ?


Ans. Hyderabad

Q7. Name this Chennai based apparel brand started by Saraogi brothers in 2011. It has a large chain of exclusive outlets and specialises in women’s leg wear. It claims to be India’s largest bottom wear brand . It has been VC funded by Sequoia and ICICI Venture.

Ans. Go Colors

Q8. An old press advt when Kolkata was still Calcutta. Name the advertiser.


Ans. The Telegraph

Q9/ Where has TCS set up its command centre from where it can monitor on real time over 6000 of its exam venues across the country ?

Ans. Chennai

Q 10. In the context of agriculture, what is ZBNF ?

Ans. Zero Budget Natural Farming

Q 11. Which brand was founded by K.R.Nagarajan in Avinashi a small town in TN, near Coimbatore ? This brand owned by N.S.Textile Mills has become a leader in its category through innovations and smart marketing .?

Ans. Ramraj

Q 12. After the LG-Whirlpool sharing, here is another one discovered , where competitors are sharing the same stock image. Which are the two advertisers ?


Ans. Jeevan Saathi and Marathi Shaadi

Q 13. To augment its income , Railways has started a new scheme called ” Promotions on Wheels” where an entire rake will be booked by an advertiser. The message has a vinyl wrap of the message around it, for people to see as it criscrosses. What is the first promotion under this ?

Ans. Housefull 4 Hindi movie

Q 14. Who are the three newly appointed members on a part-time basis from the private sector in the Economic Advisory Council of the Prime Minister ( EAC-PM) for a period of 2 years ?

Ans, Neelkanth Mishra, Nilesh Shah and Dr Ananth Nageswaran

Q 15. With which bank now, when it was a microfinance company , the Nobel laureate couple Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo working in the poorer districts of West Bengal ?

Ans. Bandhan Bank

Q 16. Identify the advertiser. 

Oh Calcutta

Ans. Oh Calcutta ! restaurant chain

Q 17. What new Netflix only film is premiering this weekend which is about 3 friends and their tumultous ride in creating a startup ? The film is directed by an IIT-Microsoft alum Uday Singh Pawar


Ans. Upstarts


Q 18. What is Google’s technology for gesture recognition that is coming in their Pixel devices called ?

Ans. Soli

Q 19. What does the newly launched device by Google, Nest Wi-Fi do ?

Ans. Wi-fi Router with Google Assistant

Q 20. Which tech business leader has authored the book Trailblazer giving his own formula for business success ?

Ans. Marc Benioff

Q 21. “X owns the marketplace. They can do whatever they want,” said David Kahan, the C.E.O. of Birkenstock Americas, which no longer sells its products on X. “That’s not capitalism. That’s piracy.” What is X ?

Ans. Amazon

Q 22. As per Hiver state of email report , an average executive receives 180 mails every day, thanks to rampant “irresponsible CCing’, so he/she does not open X per cent of mails and responds to only Y per cent of mails ? X and Y are 

Ans. X is 40 % and Y is 16 %

Q 23. Circa 1989. One legendary investor X called another legendary investor Y after reading Y’s book to seek permission for using a line  “Selling your winners and holding your losers is like cutting the flowers and watering the weeds” in his year-end report. Who are X and Y ?

Ans. X is Warren Buffett and Y is Peter Lynch

Q 24. As per the Founder of ‘Guard from Above” , this is a low tech solution to a high tech problen . What is the problem and what is the solution ?


Ans. Rogue drones in the problem and Eagles are the solution

Q 25. According to what theory, people can ‘handle’ up to about 150 relationships – whether in early hunter-gatherer societies or the modern workplace ?

Ans. Dunbar theory

Q 26. As per Interbrand which are the 3 most valuable brands in 2019. Their combined value is about 500 Bn $ ?

Ans. Apple, Google and Amazon

Q 27. Why did Christian Dior , part of the luxury group LVMH, apologise to Chinese authorities recently about their presentation ?

Ans. They had not included Taiwan in China map in  their presentation made at a university for recruitment purpose

Q 28. LIBOR as a reference rate for pricing loans is being discontinued from 2020. Several new benchmarks are slowly emerging as alternatives to it. One of them from UK itself is SONIA. Expand SONIA.

Ans. Sovereign Overnight Index Average

Q 29. Identify this tech business leader. He passed away yesterday at 62 after illness. RIP

Mark Hurd

Ans. Mark Hurd

Q 30. There is a flourishing trade of importing used car tyres from the western countries to countries like India and Malaysia. One product that is extracted is oil from the used rubber. What is the process of decomposing materials like rubber through heat called ?

Ans. Pyrolysis

Q 31. Which IT major has a business division called ‘The Weather Company’ that uses AI and other technologies to advise governments on various forecasts ?

Ans. IBM

Q 32 . Which airline conducted an experimental 20 hour non-stop flight from JFK to Sydney on a Boeing aircraft under Project Sunrise ?

Ans. Qantas

Q 33. What service that was started by Yahoo in 2001 became hugely popular in connecting people through email before social media came and made it look archaic is now being totally shut down by their new owner Verizon ?

Ans. Yahoo Groups

Q 34. If the 2000 bubble was the dot com bubble, what is the current Unicorn bubble being called by this author of this article in The Atlantic ?


Ans. Not-com

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan 

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