Weekly Business Quiz # 481


Q1. What brand of peanut butter is produced by Bharat Kernels a Kolkata based family owned company ? It has been in business since 1962 and continues to occupy a small niche in the market because of its loyal customers

Ans. Prutina

Q 2. During his Chennai visit Modi presented a specially designed shawl to the Chinese Premier. This shawl came from a weaving town near Coimbatore known for its unique skill. Name it


Ans. Sirumugai

Q 3. According to the Edelgive Hurun Philanthropy list 2019 who has been ranked no 1 for FY 2019 having donated Rs 826 crore ?

Ans. Shiv Nadar

Q 4. Spread across two million square feet, the X houses about 2,500 small and large diamond traders in addition to the customs house, banks and other service providers in the gems and jewellery trade. X started trading operations in 2010 in Mumbai. What is X ?

Ans. Bharat Diamond Bourse

Q 5. Congratulations to Abhijit Banerji , Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer for the Nobel Prize. In the articles related to their work in development economics, RCT is frequently being used. Expand RCT

Ans. Randomised Controlled Trials

Q 6. Identify this business person . How is he related to Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekharan ?


Ans. N. Ganapathy Subramanian . Brother

Q 7. Today is the IRCTC listing day. Given the huve oversubscription , market is expecting it to list at a premium. Market commentators are saying investment bankers the demand could have been moderated by exercising the overallotment option. What is it called in popular lingo ?

Ans. Green shoe option

Q 8. A ____ textile is a textile product manufactured for non-aesthetic purposes, where function is the primary criterion. GoI wants to promote its use to encourage job creation. FITB.

Ans. Technical Textile

Q 9. Hero Moto Corp the volume king in motorcycles has slipped from 3rd to 4th in scooters category in Sept 2019 based on market shares. Their former partner Honda with its Activa is No.1. Who are No 2 and No 3 in market shares for scooters ?

Ans. TVS and Suzuki.

Q 10. Which lady, who is also a director of India Cements has become the President of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association ?

Ans. Rupa Gurunath

Q 11. Which film trade analyst gets quoted by the Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to say that there is no economic slowdown in the country ?

Ans. Komal Nahata

Q 12. What car was used Chinese Premier Xi Jinping to go from Chennai to Mamallapuram for the summit meeting with Modi ?


Ans. Hongqi

Q 13. In what area of technology will this year’s Nobel Prize Chemistry winners research be widely used ?

Ans. Li-ion batteries

Q 14. Which well known German brand is marketed by BSH Home appliances in India ?

Ans. Bosch

Q 15. Which old Indian company is now called Panasonic Life after the promoters sold the controlling stake to the Japanese company ?

Ans. Anchor

Q 16. Indian cos issue depository receipts to list in overseas exchanges like NYSE, LSE, NASDAQ. Where in India they can list the depository receipts also ?

Ans. GIFT City in Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Q 17. At a time, when Sebi has mandated AMCs to have schemes with similar sounding names. Which MF has come up with a new scheme called Pioneer Fund that invests in cos Indian and global that are innovative ?

Ans. Kotak MF

Q 18. Which two now well known public figures today are shown receiving a Trophy for winning a quiz from the Miranda House student union President  then ?


Ans. Jairam Ramesh and Nandan Nilekani

Q 19, Which company has received a patent in India for a device that will alert the pedestrians when an electric or hybrid motorcycle is approaching ( needed because they are almost silent )

Ans. Honda

Q 20. JBM Auto an auto ancillary company has expanded its product portfolio by adding which product ?

Ans. Electric buses

Q 21. World Economic Forum brings out the country competitiveness report. In the recent report , what has happened to India’s rank relative to last year ?

Ans. It has deteriorated

Q 22. NFOs (New Fund Offers) of Mutual Funds are cheaper than existing fund schemes.

True or False 

Ans. False.

Q 23. Identify these Billionaires whose names figure in the Forbes list of youngest billionaires


Ans. Divyank and Bhavin Turakhia

Q 24. This is Amul topical of the day…What company/brand name is suffixed to butter and why ?


Ans. Premier , because Premier Padmini kaali peeli taxis are going out of the roads

Q 25. Identify this lady..She has taken over as the first ever woman CMD of a Navaratna PSU..Name the company also .


Ans. Mrs H.K.Joshi of shipping Coporation of India


Q 26. Which country is set to become the first country in the world to ban ads for unhealthy drinks with high sugar content ?

Ans. Singapore

Q 27. ‘Ride of a Lifetime’ by Robert Iger is a book on the lessons learnt while running and reinventing which company ?

Ans. Disney

Q 28. This is a 2012 American co which sells a stationary bicycle at 2000 $ that is linked to a streaming classes that can be seen on the LCD screen. The stream is based on a monthly subscription model. This company had a billion dollar IPO in Sept this year. Name it.


Ans. Peloton

Q 29. Here is the rejection letter from Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific journals to Peter Ratcliffe. For the same work he has been awarded the Nobel Prize this year . On which subject did he receive the prize ?


Ans. Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine

Q 30. In which global auto major has Indian origin Ashwani Gupta appointed as the COO ?


Ans. Nissan Motors

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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