Weekly Business Quiz # 478


Q 1. Apollo Pharmacy has been demerged from Apollo Hospital Enterprises ( AHEL) into a co named Apollo Medicals. AHEL will have a 25.5 % stake in Apollo Medicals. Who has the highest stake in Apollo Medicals now ?

Ans. Enam Securities

Q 2. Who owns the brands SOTC, TCI, Sita, Sterling Holidays in India ?

Ans. Thomas Cook India Ltd

Q 3. Ajay Bhatt, the Uttarakhand BJP chief said in order to avoid caesarean deliveries women should drink water from Garud Ganga. Incidentally, he shares his name with another scientist who invented a device that most computer users use. What did the other Ajay Bhatt invent ?

Ans. USB or Universal Serial Bus on the computers

Q 4. Which minister in the Congress govt of yesteryears is synonymous with loan melas ?

Ans. Janardhan Poojary

Q 5. Shah Rukh Khan has been signed as the brand ambassador of a bank.( Not an HFC). Name the bank.


Ans. ICICI Bank

Q 6. “X , one of my favorite words, means the retention of childlike attributes in adulthood: idealism, experimentation and wonder. In this new world, not only must we behave more like children, we also must teach the next generation to retain those attributes” said Warren Bennis. X?

Ans. X is Neoteny

Q7. As per a Morningstar study of expenses in Mutual Funds across the world, India is among the highest in most categories. Expenses ratio in Indian funds are high because Indians invest more in

Ans. Reqular equity funds sold through distributors

Q8. As the Durga Puja season is round the corner, Puja ads have begun. Here is a lovely creative, is it a plane scene or Maa Durga arriving. Who is the advertiser ?


Ans. Times of India

Q9. Whose logo is this ?


Ans. GST Council

Q 10. What was first prepared at Mysuru Palace by Kaakasura Madappa for Mysuru Maharaja in 1900 ? Mysuru Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar told Maadappa to prepare a special sweet for his guests and thus this sweet was born. This sweet is in the news.

Ans. Mysore Pak

Q 11. Which Automobile major has launched electric bicycles under the brand name LECTRO aimed mainly at food delivery people ?

Ans. Hero Motocorp

Q 12. Today is the birth anniversary of Anant Pai, the force behind Amar Chitra Katha. He was hired by India Book House from Indrajal Comics. Who used to publish Indrajal Comics ?

Ans. Times of India Group

Q 13. Which PSU owns the famous diamond mines at Panna in MP ? This PSU will display the rough diamonds at Surat in association with Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council and sell them online ?


Q 14. Google has entered the Indian market with Kormo. What service will it provide ?

Ans. Recruitment for entry level jobs


Q 15. In China , there is a generation of people whose behaviour is influenced by BAT , hence are called BAT generation. Expand BAT

Ans. Baidu Alibaba and Tencent

Q 16. We dedicate this to the energy of we — greater than any of us, but inside each of us.”  Prospectus of which controversial IPO now in the news starts with this epigraph ?

Ans. WeWork

Q 17. Which Korean Mutual Fund House present in India has a name which in Korean means “Future, the new life, Fortune”?

Ans. Mirae

Q 18. Which global major has announced that they have made huge investments in renewable energy thus making their gen capacity to 5500 MW , eqvt to a million solar tops and enough to provide electricity for a city like Washington DC ?

Ans. Google

Q 19. If you wake up on a X mattress, hail Y to get to your desk at Z, use DoorDash to order lunch, and get an Uber home, you’ve spent the day interacting with companies that will collectively lose nearly $13 billion this year. What are X,Y and Z ?  

Ans. X-Casper, Y – Lyft , Z is WeWork

Q 20. Who owns the Nature Valley brand popular for its granola bars ?
Nature Valley
Ans. General Mills 

Q 21. Identify this teen leader and what cause is she asking govts to act on . Her protests are getting huge crowds

Greta Thunberg

Ans. Greta Thunberg, Climate activist

Q 22. This is an electric pick up truck from Rivian…Who is backing this startup , which makes it a big threat to other auto majors ?


Ans. Amazon

Q 23. Timing with the Modi’s US visit which Indian company has signed a pact with the US company Tellurian ?


Ans. Petronet LNG

Q 24. Outside of Europe which is the first city to convert into 100 % renewable energy ?

Ans. Canberra

Q 25. Under Operation Matterhorn 150,000 Britishers on holiday are brought back immediately to their homes. Collapse of which business has led to this crisis ?

Ans. Thomas Cook

Q 26. Identify this MIT Professor…He created a company and a brand that is global and widely respected .


Ans. Amar Bose of Bose Corporation

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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