Crucible Diaries | Trivandrum​ (Corporate) 2019

Your Crucible Repository

It is a research company focused on new drug discovery and the development of pharmaceutical and agrochemical products. It was established by the Tata group in 2005 as a research outsourcing company. Which one? – Advinus

Who has released new corporate campaign titles ‘Sab Saath badhein‘, comprising a series of four TVCs? The first TVC highlights his consumers’ trust in their rich bouquet of world-class Indian brands has enabled the company to create larger value for the society and environment? – ITC

What bird is the most commonly used team nickname in American sports teams? – Eagle

Tata Motors signed Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for which car? – Tigor

MAU, WAU, and DAU are regular terms used in modern advertising measurement. If M, W, and D are Monthly and Daily, who is “AU” in all these? – Active Users

Connect: Bata

UGC logo

Logo of UGC


Logo of Dalda

Gatorade Crocodile

Answer: Gatorade

Statue of unity sculptor

Ram Sutar (Statue of Unity)

Manu Swahney

Manu Swahney (ICC Chief Executive)

UEFA logo

UEFA logo

ISBN by WH Smith

And 2 other pictures about ISBN

Airtel my circle

Airtel My Circle

Aravind subrahmaniam

Aravind Subrahmanyam

drum foods founder

Rohan Mirchandani of Drum Foods


Disney land

Dhoni redbus

Dhoni for RedBus

Daimler Ceo

Dr. Dieter Zetsche (Ex-CEO of Daimler)

Naac logo

Logo of NAAC

Connect: Aravind Kejriwal

Connect: Walmart

A question about BSNL getting license for first in flight connectivity.

A question about Python programming language.

Question about Rangoli India – Saree brand by Nusrat Jahan

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