Crucible Diaries | Goa(Corporate) 2019

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Which publication did he start. (ANS: KALNIRNAY)


The name of which city in India also the hub of Sugar Factories when translated in English literally means 6 lanes. (ANS: SANGLI)

Which brewing giant is this book about. ?( ANS: ANHEUSER BUSCH)


ID the logo (ANS: NOTION)


ID this Mumbai Based mosquito repleant brand from its dengue campaign. ( ANS: CASPER)


Logo of Vimeo VOD Service was asked.

The company was founded by Parmanand his sons Srichand and his brother Gopichandmoved to London in 1979 to develop the export business, Prakash manages the group’s finances in Geneva, Switzerland while the youngest brother, Ashok, oversees the Indian interests, which group. (ANS: HINDUJA)

This is a family of liquid fuelled rocket engines conceptualized and designed by the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre in the 1970s, it was named after Vikram Sarabhai, what was it called.? (ANS: VIKAS)


This Sport-Club was founded in late 1897 by pupils from the Massimo D’Azeglio Lyceum school and later popularised and developed by the Agnelli Family which club.

Which stock exchange in partnership with Microsoft has launched this AI enabled chatbot (ANS: BSE)


Campaign from which service (ANS: ZOMATO)


ID the logo. (ANS: NASPERS)


13. Which pharma giant did he start. (ANS: CIPLA)


14. Which Business School in US is named after him. (ANS: WHARTON)


Which circle in Mumbai is named after a british author who was an integral part of the Indian freedom struggle. (ANS: JACOB’s Circle)

What do we know this company Bharat Hotels limited as today’s world. (ANS: LALIT)


ID this Entrepreneur and author. (ANS: BEN HOROWITZ)


Which fashion brand has launched Kids Fun a exclusive kids collection stores across middle east and India. (ANS: ZARA)



Prelims questions of the Goa round of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz were shared by Shoaib Syed


Question about restaurants on the Titanic ship

Dormitory sleeping compartment. A Latin term is commonly is used in the corporate world. What? – Cubicles

Inshorts founders

Anna Strasberg inherited something later sold to Authentic brands group. What? – She inherited the entire estate of Marilyn Monore.

Question about Nani Phalkiwala.

Image result for miss malini

‘I Don’t Miss’ is a blog by? – Miss Malini

Dr Amichand Shah started a textile company in Surat. – Garden Vareli

Artimas Fashions by Lux.

Question on activity-based costing

A question on Maftalal – Sachin Brand ambassador

French for the shop – Boutique

Which company was named after the King Digvijay of Jamnagar? – Digjam

Fredrick Kelly popularised it to asses the capabilities of WW1 recruits. What? – Multiple Choice Questions

Uniform of JRD Tata as Honorary Air Vice Marshall of India.

A question on Byte Dance – TikTok

Who did barista take as a partner for Alphonso smoothies? – Hitachi

Connect – itz cash, via, Robin Raina and a video – Ebix

A Connect on Borosil.

A connect on Brand tie-ups with Game Of Thrones

A connect on indeed

Which Indian business leader is invited to write about Mukesh Ambani on Time magazine? – Anand Mahindra

Singapore is 2nd, Denmark is 3rd. Which comes first in Ease of Doing Business list? – New Zealand

The term coined by Harvard Dresner. – Business Intelligence.

Mariam Jinnah married to Md. Ali Jinnah. She is the daughter of first owned of cotton mill in India. Who? – She was the daughter of Dinshaw Petit.

French word to handover or to transmit. In Latin, it means to affix a seal. Also used in stores and Godowns, that is something to be sent. Identify the Word? – Consignment

the term originated in 1932. As a title of an article on a businessman Bassil Zaharaoff. A term for the businessmen who make money from war. Identify? – Merchants of Death.


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