Crucible Diaries | Electronic City (Corporate) 2019

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When was this doodle published? – Engineers Day (sept 15)

Trivago (Anubhav Kumar)

Can be seen in the logo of which company? – Barclays

Claudia Dell, Emila, Bachelor, John Bartholme have been inspirations for this logo of what? – Columbia Pictures

Answer – Fiat

We got started in 1837 when a German French-born bridle and harness-maker launched his eponymous brand in Paris France? – Hermes

In the last of World’s 20 Most Valuable Companies(as per Market cap), which first Non-US and Non-China company? – Nestle

Answer: Jansport

By? – Zahir Khan

It started as the husband and wife team of founders, who tried to develop the technology to connect their own computers. While they did not invent the router, they pioneered the first commercially successful router supporting multiple network protocols. Name the company. – Cisco

Logo of? – Pakistan Stock Exchange

The Great Leap Forward was the name given by whom to the disastrous economic policy that hr introduced in 1958? – Mao Zedong

A question on Wipro

One can often find ‘BAS’ written over cricket bats, which is a Jalandhar based company. What does it stand for? – Beat All Sports

Harry Brearley was working to prevent corrosion in rifle barrels when he accidentally invented something that revolutionizes the world of cutlery. What was thus invented? – Stainless Steel

In 1922, Carlsberg gifted a house with a pipeline of round-the-clock free beer on tap to which famous scientist in recognistion of his winning the Nobel Prize? – Neil’s Bhor

Who? – Jony Ive

Who opened a small shop selling millinery on Deauville just before the WW1 and went on to become an international name in feminine fashion? – Coco Chanel

Which two words speech, considered to be the shortest Oscars speeches were given by Clark Gable(1934), Patty Duke(1963) and Louie Psihoyos(2010)? – Thank You.


Barsaat is a 1949 Bollywood Film directed by Raj Kapoor. One of the posters sowing the dangling on the arm of the hero would go on to inspire the RK Studios famous logo. Apart from this contribution to RK Studios, what else was the significant contribution of this movie for R K Studios?

Their First major revenue deal was a 15,000 euro deal with Cable and Wireless. Later in the year, Titan watched becomes the first Indian brand to advertise on the site, followed by Kingfisher and Intel. It was started in 1992 by a group of expat enthusiasts of something based in US universities and led by, among others. Professor KS Rao, What are we talking about?

In broadcasting, it is an interview with numbers of the public. Name the term which is a Latin phrase that literally means “Voice of the people”.

The Origin of the word dates back to the roman empire when the word was related to the state treasury in the 1560s, it meant “pertaining to the public revenue,” from a Middle French Word. The Latin word meant “StateTreasury” and was originally used to refer to a “money bag, basket made of twigs for a period of time” and was used by tax collectors to send money to the king. What word?

More questions coming up soon.

Prelims questions of Electronic City round of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz were shared by Sethu Madhavan.


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