Crucible Diaries | Lucknow(Corporate) 2019

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Founder of Make my trip

Which travel portal did he establish?

Answer: Deep Kalra of Make My Trip

Birbal Sahni

Identify him? A popular palaeobotany institute in Lucknow is named after him

Answer: Birbal Sahni

National Fertilisers Limited

Logo of?

Answer: National Fertilisers Ltd

Battle Creek - Kellogs

A book on?

Answer: Kellogs

A question of Aishwarya Rai’s first ad for Lakme.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is the official air carrier of which country?

Answer: Ireland

Book on? (intel was blanked out)

Answer: Intel

Which shop was established in 1805, and is popularly know for making Malai ki Gilori?

Answer: Ram Asre

What was designed by Vil Millis for P&G? He was a grandfather who found problem taking care of his grandchildren.

Answer: Pampers

This institution was established two days after our independence which operated in Parliament House before moving to Tilak Road. Identify.

Answer: Supreme Court

ABP in ABP News stands for?

Answer: Anand Bazaar Patrika

The Kaptain’s Retreat Hotel is owned by?

Answer: Kapil Dev

Hittich logo

Logo of?

Answer: Hettich

S C Gupta fo Shyam Group

What was established by S C Gupta in 1973 at Allahabad?

Answer: Shyam Group (Shyam Charan Gupta)


Who owns this chain in China?

7 Fresh by JD group

Answer: JD Group

Noor Rana Pratap from started Goldstar. Which country dose he belong to?

Noor Rana Pratap of Gold Star

Answer: Nepal

CEO of which Tata Company?

Image result for tata housing ceo sanjay dutt

Answer: Tata Housing

Member of Board of Tata. Former Railway Minsiter and Finance Minister of Govt of India. Identify?

Image result for john mathai

Answer: John Matthai

He is Roman God of Commerce. The names as merchants, merchandise are derivatives of his name. Identify.

Answer: Mercury

Logo of which PSU?

Answer: BBNL (Bharat Broadband Network Limited)

Which hill station was established by Pierro Barron around a lake near a temple?

Answer: Nainital

Ad campaign by?

Answer: ITC Mangaldeep

Which Indian airline has hired Miranda Millis as COO? She is a former Airbus executive.

Image result for Miranda Mills

Answer: Go Air

Ideal Novelty and Toy Co started in selling what in 1903 after getting approval? Founder Morris Michtom

Answer: Teddy Bear

Raise to fame?

Answer: Eggless Cookies

He moved to Delhi after the partition of India. He opened a shop in a shack and started selling spices like his father from horse carts. He later opened his shop at Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh and expanded from there. In 1959 he bought a plot in Kirti Nagar to set up his own spice factory. Identify

Answer: MDH

Tata Motors has launcged Tigor JTP? What does JTP stands for?

Answer: JM Tata Performance

Gurwale, Shaligram in Delhi did not side with the poet emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and had to leave. They returned and formed a company in Delhi which grew in textiles. Identify

Answer: DCM (Delhi Cloth Mills)

Which company is headed by Amit Burman

Answer: Dabur

Who acquired this recently?

Answer: Oyo

A logical connect on Mercedes: William Maybach, Racing team owned by Mercedes among others.

A connect on GMR: Delhi Capitals, UP Yodha, Indira Gandhi International Airport logo.

A connect on Coke: Amir Khan Ad, Ramesh Chauhan and two other pictures.

A connect of Future Group: Sone Ki Chidiya song, All Plus Size Store, etc.,

According to International Aviation Summit data, which country has the largest number of women pilots?

Answer: India

This is the financial capital of Morocco. Also name of a movie. Identify.

Answer: Casablanca

What is the Pali word for ‘observe’?

Answer: Vipasayana

This was developed in a lab in 1987. This can be used to grayscale pictures. Later the brother marketed it. What? – Photoshop

William Thomson discovered the concept of absolute zero. What brand making ice boxes is inspired by this? – Kelvinator

Questions from the Lucknow round of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz were shared by Manoj Kumar Yadav


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