Steel Saga: The Journey Of Tata Steel in Pictures

Ritter C Von Schwarz
It all starts when J N Tata reads this report in 1882. But the plan was dropped due to the unavailability of coal in the area.
P N Bose's letter
P N Bose’s letter to JN Tata about rich deposits of iron ore in Mayurbhanj District in 1902
P N Bose
P N Bose
Charles Page Perin
JN Tata approaches Charles Page Perin to survey and identify the appropriate site for setting up the plant.
First Share of Tata Steel
First share of TISCO, issued on 26th August 1907 to leverage the high nationalist spirits during Swadeshi moment.
First GM of Tata Steel
R G Wells was appointed the first GM of Tata Steel in 1909
First Coal mine
First Tata coal colliery in 1910
TISCO Review
TISCO Review, in house bilingual magazine first published in 1932
First Indian GM of Tata Steel
Jahangir J Ghandy, First Indian GM of Tata Steel in 1938
Tata Nagar
The light armoured vehicle played an important role in World War II
The age of computing, 1960

To be continued….. Stay tuned!

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