Weekly Business Quiz # 473


Q 1. Why have the workers in 41 Ordnance Factories across the country gone on a one month long strike ?

Ans. Corporatization of defence production

Q 2. Outside of Korea, Hyundai now produces max number of cars in India . Which country has India surpassed ?

Ans. China

Q 3. The Ministry of Finance has issued a circular that listed companies, NBFCs and Housing Finance Cos no longer need to create a Debenture Redemption Reserve for public issue and private placement.of NCDs. What % of the issue was to kept as DRR ?

Ans 25 %

Q 4. CG Power , an old and respected mfg company reported that there were several irregularities in their accounts in the Board Meeting yesterday. To which group it belongs ?

Ans. Avantha Group

Q 5. Recently RBI Governor made a statement regarding the mood of the economy. He used a phrase that is not used in everyday usage. The word used by him was ‘Panglossian’. What does Panglossian mean ?

Ans. Being excessively optimistic

Q6. Under what brandname is Korean cosmetic s giant AmorePacific launched its cosmetics in Indian market ?

Ans. Innisfree

Q7. Name this vintage toothpaste brand from Geoffrey Manners. It came in an orange pack. Despite its bitter raste and no foam it gave a good fight to Colgate.Shyam Benegal when at ASP handled its advt. Sunil Gavaskar and his son promoted it also. No longer in Indian market


Ans. Forhans

Q8. Which Indian social.networking app popular in vernacular languages received big funding from Twitter ?

Ans, Sharechat

Q9. Google has released a new TV Commercial for Google Pay. The ad has been directed by Vishal Bharadwaj The voice over belongs to a well known film personality. Identify him.

Ans. Gulzar

Q 10. Who are the target segment for the Pune based Fintech startup Bon Credit ?

Ans. Gig workers like Uber/Ola drivers and delivery boys

Q 11. Marketers of Jockey, Lux, Dollar , VIP have reported either sluggish growth or decline in Q1 sales making commentators to say that India is heading towards a slowdown/recession. Who first used Underwear Index as a way of linking it to the health of the economy ?

Ans. Alan Greenspan , the former Fed Governor

Q 12. New York Times has brought out a story on Adani ” How one billionaire could keep 3 countries  hooked on coal for decades” . What are the three countries , one of which is obviously India , what are the other two ?

Ans. Australia and Bangladesh


Q 13. This is Barry , an imaginary worker. Talespin has developed ‘soft skills’ training tools to help managers. Here using a modern and growing technology the tool helps managers to fire ‘ Barry’ from his job effectively. What is the technology ?


Ans. Virtual Reality

Q 14. The _____ ____. is created by plotting US government bond yields of different maturities on a single graph, with the Federal Reserve’s overnight interest rate at one end and the 30-year “long” Treasury bond at the other .Fill in the blanks

Ans Yield Curve

Q 15. What piece of land did Donald Trump want to buy from Denmark but the PM refused to sell ?

Ans. Greenland

Q 16. Merger of these two US broadcasting giants will make them the leader in US with the largest share of TV audience. Viacom is merging with which broadcasting giant ?

Ans. CBS


  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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