Weekly Business Quiz # 408


Q 1. Which Bollywood star had endorsed the following brands at different times : Lux, Ching’s Secret, Vanish detergent, Tanishq jewellery and Dabur Amla Hair Oil ?

Ans. Sridevi

Q 2. Which group now owns ACK Media Pvt Ltd the company that publishes Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle comics ?

Ans. Future Group
Q 3. Who is the preferred banker of Virat Kohli ?
Virat PNB q
Ans. Punjab National Bank
Q4. Tanishq has launched an exclusive sub-brand for jewellery for men . What is it called ?
Ans. Aveer
Q5. Which new General Entertianment Channel has started on Indian TV with a biopic on Baba Ramdev titled Swami Ramdev : Ek Sangharsh ?
swami ramdev ek sangharsh
Ans. Discovery JEET
Q6. Reliance Jio advertisements and commercials are made by an inhouse agency. What is it called ?
Ans. JIO Studios
Q7. Which brand is being endorsed here on social media by Internet sensation Priya Varrier ?
Priya Varrier
Ans. Pringles


Q 8. Which company has been ranked # 1 in terms of Best company to work for by the Fortune magazine in its recent list ?

Ans. Salesforce

Q9. Tweet from a Reality TV star caused a big drop in the share price of Snap, the parent co of Snapchat. Name her

Ans. Kylie Jenner

Q 10. In which country KFC had to close down several outlets temporarily due to non-availability of supplies of chicken ?

Ans, UK

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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