Guest Business Quiz # 9 – Beer special

In our Anniversary series, we present to you a set of questions on beer, coming from our Guest Quiz Master – Ravi Handa.

Q 1. The Sumerian written language and the associated clay tablets are among the earliest human writings. One of these Sumerian documents was translated and it turned to be a poem with the English title, ‘A hymn to Ninkasi’. Ninkasi was a Sumerian Goddess who, according to legend, was borne of sparkling fresh water to satisfy the heart. What does the poem ‘A hymn to Ninkasi’ talk about? 

Answer: It is a recipe for brewing beer.

Q 2. While the favorite drink for Mr Bond, Mr. James Bond, remains to be a Vodka Martini; a lager was featured for the first time with Mr. Bond in the movie Skyfall. Which company paid an estimated 45 Million USD for this deal

Answer: Heineken

Q3. The logo of the recently launched but quickly getting popular brand Bira features a monkey with the number 91 on it. What does the 91 stand for?


Answer: +91 is the ISD code of India

Q4. Lion Beer is often claimed to be the first beer in India and in Asia because it came into existence in the mid 19th century. Till the early 80s, Lion along with Golden Eagle (another beer brand from the same company) used to be the most popular beer in India. While still available, they have insignificant market share in the beer market whereas their company is extremely popular in another category with a brand that has a cult like following. Which company is being talked about?

Answer: Mohan Meakins (Old Monk Rum)

Q5. The history of this beer company can be traced back to a Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, Belgium which was established in 1366. It gets a part of its name from the Star of Bethlehem as it was launched on Christmas in the year 1926 as a Christmas beer. Even today, its logo features a star, a horn, and 1366 reminding us of its roots. Which beer is being talked about?

Answer: Stella Artois

Q6. Under Babylonian rule, the production of beer increased dramatically. The form of payment used to be cash or an equivalent weight in corn. Some tavern keepers started giving less beer for cash because it couldn’t be measured properly against a proper weight. So, a law was made that those tavern keepers who poured ‘short measures’ of beer to cheat their customers; they would be drowned. Which document from approximately 1750 BC had this law as Law Number 108?

Answer: Code of Hammurabi

Q7. August Busch Jr surprised August Busch Sr by gifting him a hitch (a wagon driven by a team of horses) instead of a car to celebrate the repeal of liquor prohibition on April 7, 1933. The red, white and gold beer wagon then proceeded to deliver the first post prohibition beer in the city of St Louis. The Clydesdale breed of horses that were used for the first time that day have since become an important part of which brand’s identity?

Answer: Budweiser

Q8. In 1976, Sharon Burns and Tom Porter founded and organized 32 teams in three leagues in southern England. Burns and Porter then travelled the country for the next few years, presenting these to breweries as a marketing strategy. What activity did they start which continues to this day and often has pints of beer as awards?


Answer: Pub Quizzing to bring customers on slow days

Q9. The Storehouse next to the St James Gate Brewery is a popular tourist attraction in Dublin which tells the history of beer with the help of various interactive exhibitions. The Storehouse covers seven floors surrounding a glass atrium shaped in the form of a pint. At the base of the atrium is the 9000 year lease that the founder Arthur signed for St James Gate brewery and at the top is a Gravity bar where visitors can have a free pint of beer overlooking the city of Dublin. Which brand that was established in 1759 and has a harp for a logo runs this museum?

St James gate.jpg.638x0_q80_crop-smart

Answer: Guinness (World’s largest selling stout beer)

Q 10. Carlsberg’s tagline “Probably the best lager in the world” was created in 1973 to target the UK market. Who was the first person to give the slogan a voice in a TV commercial? He was a legendary actor and director who was nominated for three Oscars in 1942 and won an honorary Oscar in 1971.

Answer: Orson Welles (1942 nominations were for Citizen Kane)


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