Weekly Business Quiz # 315

Q1. Which Indian businessman is believed to have helped set up the meeting between Modi and Nawaz Sharif ?

Ans. Sajjan Jindal of JSW Steel group

Q2. Malaysia’s first Sharia compliant airline Rayani air has PIO promoters. The airline name is derived from their names. Name them.

Ans. Ravi and Karthiyani…first and last parts of their names

Q3. Steven Spielberg and Jeff Skoll have launched Amblin entertainment with a third partner. Who is the third partner ?

Ans. Anil Ambani

Q4. HUL has acquired a brand called Indulekha. In what product category is this brand ?

Ans. Hair Oil

Q5. Name this Chinese businessman who heads Fosun group and is often called as the Warren Buffet of China. He has gone missing

Ans. Guo Guangchang

Q6. Which French ball point co owns 100% in Cello ?

Ans. BiC

Q7. Google has releaased the 5 most watched YouTube ads in 2015 in India. Which advt had the highest number of views ?


Ans. Lifebuoy : Help a child reach 5- Chamki, 13 million views

Q8. With which country would you associate Spotify, Candy Crush, ABBA and now as the country in the forefront of being cashless ?

Ans. Sweden

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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