Weekly Business Quiz # 314

Q1.In a govt to govt deal India has decided to give 2 AAI airports to Changi airport for operation and maintenance. Which are the 2 airports ?

Ans. Ahmedabad and Jaipur

Q2.With which Indian co has Mont Blanc signed up in India to create a chain of exclusive outlets to sell luxury products including pens ?

Ans. Titan

Q3. Which two of its car models has Tata Motors decided to phase out ?

Ans. Manza and Vista.

Q4. Where has Mahindra group set up its Mahindra Leadership University to groom leaders for their group companies ?

Ans. Nashik

Q5. Shahrukh Khan says ” I am the Monk with a ____, ‘ . Fill in the blank

Ans. Ferrari

Q6. With whom has Tata trusts tied up to launch free online courses in India for school students ?

Ans. Khan academy

Q7. US Postal service will launch a Informed Delivery service soon. How will it work ?

Ans. An email will be sent giving the image of the letter to those who register for the service

Q8. Haath, Munh aur Bum, Bimari Hogi Kum is a long TVC released by Hindustan Unilever. Name the 3 brands in the advt.


Ans. Lifebuoy, Pureit and Domex

Q9. Identify the person in this picture and with which brand would you associate her


Ans. Sasha Chettri, Airtel 4G girl

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



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