Weekly Business Quiz # 313

Q 1.What is common to Seiko’s GPS Astron, Citizen’s Waveair and Casio’s Oceanus that makes them so accurate ?

Ans. These models have a technology that links them to a network of satellites, that helps the watch to get the exact position as well as adjusts the time as accurately as 1 second every 1,00,000 thanks to the atomic clocks in the GPS satellites.

Q2. Which fast food delivery company’s name was inspired by Burkina Faso, the land of the incorruptible, in African language ?

Ans. Faasos

Q3.Identify this Michelin star chef who started life in Amritsar with his first restaurant Lawrence Gardens. He now runs the upmarket Junoon in Manhattan, New York. He is a TV host, cookbook writer too. He was voted sexiest man alive


Ans. Vikas Khanna

Q4.Which Indian advt has been selected among the 20 ads of the century by Gunn Report ?


Ans. Happy dent Palace ad by McCann Ericson

Q5.Which Indian company will be the first issuer of Corporate Masala Bond ?

Ans. HDFC Ltd

Q6. What % of their shares in Facebook would Mark Zuckerberg and his wife give away in charity in their lifetimes ?

Ans. 99 %

Q7.Name the entrepreneur billionaire behind Billions in change project that claims to produce electricity from human effort

Ans. Manoj Bhargava

Q8. Which 138 years old newspaper  launched  its Mumbai edition in November 2015?

Ans. The Hindu

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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