Weekly Business Quiz # 307

Q 1. Under what brand name will Reliance sell its 4G LTE mobile phones ?

Ans. LYF

Q2. With Pepsi pulling out who will be the title sponsor for IPL next year ?

Ans. Vivo

Q3. One of the reasons cited for the price increases in Tur dal is it has become a Superior good for Indians .What are superior goods ?

Ans. Commodities that are more in demand as consumer income rises.

Q4. With which co has Indian Railways signed an agreement to buy power at Rs 3.70 per unit as against much higher prices paid earlier ?

Ans. Adani Power

Q5. Which courier co. has launched a parcel locker service for customers who order items online and are not available to take delivery at home ?

Ans. Blue Dart

Q6. In start up jargon, arrange the following in ascending order of valuations from lowest to highest a) Unicorn b) Pony c) Centaur d) Decacorn

Ans. Pony < Centaur < Unicorn < Decacorn

Q7. In the start up world jargon, who or what is a ‘dragon’ ?

Ans. A dragon is a startup that is able to raise a 1 Bn $ in the first round of funding

Q8. Who is the author of the book Pandeymonium ?

Ans. Piyush Pandey on Advertising

Q9. Uber has launched a car pooling service called Uberpool. What is the competing service from Ola called ?

Ans. Olashare

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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